My Inner Alchemy

Digital Program

Unlock the secrets to what makes you, You with the 5 Elements


The ‘My Inner Alchemy’ Digital Program is about reclaiming what makes you, YOU!
Using the principles of the 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) a Chinese Medicine & Philosophy, and the worlds oldest personality test you can discover your 5 Element Type (or what I like to refer to as your Inner Alchemy).
This lays the foundation to revealing


Every answer that you’re currently seeking can be found by understanding how the Elements influence you…..
in the way your body and mind work (your health, the way you make decisions thru to your core values)  


in the ways that the elements influence you in nature  (the changing of the seasons, monthly moon cycles, etc.)
Once you hold the key to this Powerful Medicine it becomes easy to come back to your centre and silence all of the external noise and chaos that surrounds you.
To know exactly what you want and need to live a life of your desires.
No more searching
No more feeling lost
Every question you ever had, the answer is within YOU.
It’s as natural as tuning in and listening to your heart and knowing precisely what the next steady step is.  Its as simple as looking outside your front door to how Mother Earth is currently guiding and holding the space for you to transition to your next season.

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6 Audios Lectures: 
That you can listen any time from your computer or smartphone. You can stream them from the internet or download them to your home computer or phone. The whole curriculum is created and taught by Ashley Abbs, Acupuncturist, Mentor, Mother and founder of


These Lectures include everything that you need to know in order for the 5 Elements to be a foundation to your inner work and goal setting.
You will be invited to discover:
  • Your  5 Element Type, the world’s oldest personality philosophy.
  • How each of the 5 Elements manifest within you.
  • How the areas of your life are governed by the 5 elements, from relationships, self-care to your career.  All while helping you to understand why you may get stuck in some areas and flourish in others.
  • As well get to the heart of what makes you feel secure with “Who You Are” and create strategy to ensure that you’re rock solid to go after your dreams.


5 Element Quiz and Accompanying Guide:
To discover your own Unique Inner Alchemy along with information that helps you discover “Why You Are The Way You Are”
A complete pdf workbook has been curated to deepen your experience with the material, hold you accountable to your goals and reflect on how the elements applies to your specific life and goals. The My Inner Alchemy Workbook is full of personal inquiry exercises, vision prompting, desire setting and plain old room to write.
Bonus Material:
Healing Guide of tips, practices and self care remedies to help support your Element type and enhance your experience of each elements energetics is also included.
Everything is available to you upon purchase so that you can begin to apply this medicine to your life right away!

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Shannon McEwan
I admire Ashley for her ability to integrate rich intelligence, accurate intuition, & a warm heart into her career & personal life. She is deeply driven by growth. Because Ashley is constantly learning it makes it very easy to rise to your best self in her presence. Ashley’s most liberating transformation that I have had the pleasure of witnessing is her expansion to be seen by the world & show sincere vulnerability in her brand as a doctor, mother, wife, woman, humanitarian, & dream weaver. Ashley’s philanthropic nature promotes the welfare of others in a disarming, simple, awe-inspiring way. If you are fortunate enough to have her guide you on your journey you will be grateful you made the connection.
I will be forever grateful to Ashley for posting gorgeous photos on FB & IG of herself posing with lively women and wearing bright red lipstick. Following her online postings was like watching a stunning flower blossom. I wanted to know what she was doing and how I could get it for myself. Thus began my life altering work and sisterhood with Ashley.

Ashley’s combination of intuition and communication style helps my fiery nature grasp concepts while grounding me. She makes the information come alive. I absolutely love the elements work which reminds me to look to nature to become aligned, refuelled and nurtured.

If you are looking for substance, depth and support in living a life embracing all aspects of yourself, working with Ashley’s program is what you are looking for. I can’t emphasize enough or put into words how much respect, admiration and love I have for this woman. My life is better because of her.

Paula Jordan
Brooke Brown
Ashley’s presence is so calming and grounding. Her coaching style is to supply her immense knowledge and incredible intuition and translate that into a really motivating energy for her clients that helps them move past blocks and ease into living the life they have always dreamed of! I would recommend working with Ashley to anyone, her unique style of working with the 5 elements to deepen and enrich our understanding of ourselves is so valuable and so important.


Ashley Abbs
Doctor, Acupuncturist, Mentor, Mother, creator of The Embodied Alchemy Method, founder of & owner of TerraSana Health.


Hey There!
My mission is to help women like YOU feel whole, unleash your creative potential and create a life of love and profound legacy.
Can you imagine how different the world would be if women spent less time asking themselves “what’s wrong with me” and started saying “this is me!”
I’ve experienced first hand how revealing your 5 Element type and embodying the 5 Elements can heal and consolidate the parts of you that feel fragmented  and restore wholeness to create the life of your dreams.
Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of women finally love their lives and bodies through my website, my Acupuncture practice and my signature program, The Embodied Alchemy Method.
To read more about me, my life and work Click Here.


And if you’re new to the whole Element thing, perhaps you want a little more info before you jump into a full program.  Not a problem!
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Ask me, I have answers.  Reach out by sending an inquiry here. I would love to discuss if this is the best way for you and I to collaborate together.


Deanne R.
I can’t thank Ashley enough and her 5 Element programs. It has been truly transformational for me. With the love, light and true authenticity of Ashley I have been able to incorporate the beauty of the elements into my everyday life. The Embodied Alchemy Method has helped me find Me and my Divine Expression.