The life you want, starts with a decision.

You can’t put it off anymore.
You’re here because you’ve felt this pull from within telling you that something has to change.
It might feel like a gentle tapping on your shoulder, or if this feeling has been here for a while its as though a sledgehammer is about to ram right through the middle of your life and turn everything upside down if you don’t get going. Either way, the feeling isn’t going away. This is your soul and the universe telling you it’s time.
Your soul and your true purpose in this life are no longer willing to hang out in the background. They want you to take centre stage in your life and lead. Embracing your innate gifts and zones of genius and implementing the ways in which they weave together with new opportunities to create a soul-led life is the only path forward.
The time of fantasizing about what life could be like in 1,3,or 5 years time is no longer going to cut it. Neither is hoping and praying that the big opportunity is going to come your way and change everything as if by magic.
You’ve have to choose to put yourself out there and start embodying the life you want right now.
Holding space for your current life circumstances while also healing and choosing to become the person that you know deep down you are meant to be. There’s no pretend or by-passing when it comes to embodiment. We walk the reality of “what is” alongside “what could be” together.
Private Coaching with me is about making the bold transformational choices that make it possible to have it all. Every area of your life supported and thriving.

No settling, exhaustion or forcing required.

I’m talking:

  • Feeling confident and clear on how to lead in your work, mediate risks and step into opportunities that align with your vision.
  • A body that you f*cking love and feel at home in.
  • Have more time and space to do what you want. Reintroduce hobbies, express your creativity, let your curiosity lead you in the direction of new adventures and fun.
  • Experience more connection, happiness, intimacy and support in your relationships. Rekindle the flame in your partnership. create fulfilling friendships and parent with presence.
  • Devote more time to your soul. Embrace the divinity within you and make way for a deeper connection to your intuition and trusting your own authority.
All of this and SO MUCH MORE is available to you when you step into the alchemical coaching container with me.
“Every time I work with Ashley, I find even more depth to go to. Working with her has created such a different lens for me as I move through the world. I am much more aware of attuning to the cycle of the earth and watching for where there is unnecessary struggle. I look now to see if maybe the timing is off elementally. With some time and intention, being at one of the elements and my Alchemy, something usually shifts. Ashley has fundamentally changed my life in so many ways.”
– Lorelei Higgins Indigenous Relations Consultant & Cultural Mediator

My Work Is A Blend Of

5 Element Philosophy

A powerful modality of Elemental typing to pinpoint your 5 Element Alchemy and identify your innate strengths and requirements to understand “why you are the way you are”, so that you can stop sabotaging your efforts with plans and strategies that don’t support your unique way of being and embrace the ones that do.

Coaching & Mindset

Soulful strategy and implementation to clear blocks and misalignments in your life, work and relationships. Assisting you to take empowered action in creating a life that feels deeply aligned and supportive of your vision.

Alchemical Healing Work

Creating space to make the unconscious, conscious through energy work and soul inquiry processes to release limiting beliefs and behaviours, awaken your intuition and unleash your greatest potential.

A Hint of Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine support your whole being by embracing the power of energy (Qi) and nature. Utilizing nutritional and herbal medicines, flower essences, essential oils, acupressure and gentle lifestyle changes to help bring about harmony and liberation of your authentic expression.

If your feeling a whole hearted soulful yes arising from within telling you that YOU WANT THIS.

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Introductory Session

Recommended for First Time Clients
60 Minute Coaching Session
5 Element Alchemy Reading
Tailored to a specific focus or goal
Leave with clarity and a plan for next steps
*Wanting an Immersive Long Term Coaching Container with Ashley? – Inquire for Availability

Past Client Experiences

“When I first started to work with Ashley and the 5 elements I had no idea what to expect, but it was nothing short of AMAZING! I went from feeling unsettled and having a complete lack of confidence in myself to being able to authentically say that I love me for me. I now feel empowered to surround myself with friends and clients that align with my core values and I’m no longer compromising who I am to make others happy. The whole process unfolded so organically. I am awestruck at every transition that happened and how it just naturally came to fruition leading me to live a life that I absolutely love!”
– Catherine Davis, Massage Therapist
“My 5 element awakening centres around bringing the Fire back into my life. Before this work I wasn’t consciously aware of how much it had been stifled. The elements gave me the framework to think about what I valued and wanted out of life. They re-lit that spark to the parts of me that had been long forgotten. And once that spark was ignited everything in my life took a new and exciting path all on its own! I didn’t even have to try, it just all fell into place once I honoured my Alchemy’s needs. I reclaimed ME!”
– Andrea Englehart
“Before I began working with Ashley and the 5 elements I was feeling incredibly misunderstood and frustrated. I constantly felt like there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I work and show up in the world like everyone else? All while not wanting to do it their way in the first place. It just felt so out of step for me. The elements helped me embrace the fact that I’m a FIRE and as a Fire I need to step to the beat of my own drum – that’s who I am! I had always been told that my way was wrong or problematic so this was a revelation and truly empowering. I now feel as though I can finally give myself permission to do it MY way! The sovereignty and calm that I feel in knowing who I am and not needing to apologize for it has been EVERYTHING!! I am so much more compassionate and accepting of myself and those that I love.”
– Katrien Ruehmland Coach, Crowning Glory Hats

It’s Time To Get The Support You Need to Up Level Your Life!