20 More Things You May Not Know About Me


Last year, I shared my first 20 Things You May Not Know About Me and I had a lot of fun sharing them with you. I share a lot of myself in my writing and on my blog but it’s the little things that make a person tick that allows a person to truly get to know someone. So I thought I would share some more. So they are with 20 more things!

1) I prefer non-fiction to fiction and I usually have more than one book on the go. I’ve recently started The Book of SHE by Sara Avant Stover and Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Letcher

LittleEcook2) I prefer to cook over ordering in. After 4 years of living in our current home we are just pushing past 10 times that we’ve had take out instead of a home cooked meal. Little E likes to pretend he’s cooking alongside me most days.

3) I’ve become a whiz at converting regular recipes into Gluten Free ones. I don’t usually have to even think about it now.

4) I was born on my Late Grandmother Abbs’ birthday. I never got to meet her but it’s a connection that I hold dearly.

5) I have a million nicknames, I’m rarely called Ashley among my peers and everyone has their own. From the usual shortened, Ash, to Abbs, to Abby, Ana (includes my middle initial) to back in the day, 6-pack, beany, bugs and tumbleweed. I pretty much answer to anything.

Noviceastair6) My best Top Ten finish in Skating was 5th in the Free Dance and 6th over-all at Nationals in Novice Ice Dance. Picture is with my partner at the time (and yes we did cheesy engagement type photos like this all of the time)

7) My body is one of my greatest indicators for making decisions. A YES feels grounded and smooth like velvet and a NO is racy hot sensation both in my heart and the space between my eye-brows (3rd eye) that hurts like it’s trying to think too hard. It doesn’t go away until I correct the decision or affirm my answer.

8) I prefer play to romance. I’d rather be sassy and smart over being sentimental and over-emotional. It’s a quality that aligns with being married to a Metal Man.

9) I can’t hide my eye-rolls, people that are aware of them find them hilarious and so telling to what I’m thinking or trying to wrap my mind around. They often try to bring them out on purpose.

10) In my entire career of skating I never had a fracture or any broken bones (a couple of concussions) but I fractured my foot while pond skating with Sheldon trying too hard to be smooth with a hockey stick and puck. Karma will get you everytime!

11) The biggest audience that I skated in front of was in my home town. The Calgary Saddledome was sold out for the Senior Free dance with 17,000 people.

12) I occasionally suffer from anxiety upon first waking up, so I rub my feet together to ground myself and calm down before getting out of bed.


13) My nickname was tumbleweed because my falls in skating were EPIC! (we’re talking multiple rolls and clearing a large amount of ice)

14) I use a combination of symptom/theory/touch and intuition when deciding what the best acupuncture points and treatments are needed for my clients.

15) I see the world in relation to puzzle pieces that need to be put together. This has largely formed my relationship to the FIVE Elements and how we may see ourselves in them and around us to evolve into our best selves.

16) I hate beans and lentils. I don’t care how healthy they are. I think they’re gross.

17) I ruin the endings of most books and movies by skipping ahead to make sure the characters are okay and read movie synopsis’ for the same reason while I’m watching the movie. Drives Sheldon crazy!


18) Acupuncture is a religious experience for me. I hold deep reverence for it’s power in how it can transform someone and myself with a mere tap of a needle (more on this in the new year) I light a candle at the foot of Quan Yin for every clients IVF and IUI to honour my part in assisting in a soul potentially choosing their parents.

19) My home is everything to me. Not in a materialistic way, but it has to flow, it has to feel homey. It can’t be in disarray or I am. It’s truly a reflection of my inner self.

20) I hate poetry. There are a few verses from particular thinkers and poets that I can handle, but most of it is sure to get an eye-roll or two. It’s just a little too METAL for me and most of the time it makes me incredibly angry.


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