34 Choices I Made to Make My Life Better In My 34th Year


I will say good-bye to my 34th year on the 24th of this month, I’m excited for what’s coming and I’m incredibly grateful to what has already been.

A While back my friend Gemma Stone wrote a piece on her blog about decisions, reflections and choices that she had made during her current year to make it better and it really got me thinking about what I wanted to choose as I moved closer to 35. At the time I was only half way thru my current year and right there and then I wanted to make the rest of my 34th Year Count.

So here they are in no particular order.

  1. I choose time, time for myself, to be, to think, to sleep, to whatever I wanted. This choice provided more time for E and everyone else that I hold within my heart, more presence, more awareness, more unconditional love.
  2. Daily Ritual and Sacred Space
  3. Loving my body in every moment
  4. Pleasure, all kinds and lots of it.
  5. To put myself out there even though my Inner Critic tells me not too.
  6. Doing so has given back to me 100 fold my effort.More Impact with More Ease
  7. To Follow and trust my heart, regardless of what others think and especially when I don’t really know where its going.
  8. My Soul Work is where it led, and I’m choosing to do that too.
  9. My health over chocolate (but sometimes a little chocolate too)
  10. Sisters, Circles, Community
  11. Danced, Qoya, being in my body and out of my head changes everything
  12. Coming back to my Medicine with newfound Reverence and Awe
  13. Treating my clients and creating offerings from that place
  14. Saying No more than I say Yes, Honouring my Sacred No.
  15. Asking for help
  16. Took myself out on dates
  17. Said goodbye to something I thought I wanted more than anything, grieved and now I feel eternally grateful for all that I have.
  18. Felt the true power of my love.  Two Feet In Only from now on.
  19. Accepted the part of myself that sometimes just wants to be left alone. (She’s okay)
  20. Unleashed my Wild side (there’s a place for her too)
  21. Spoke up to ask for what I wanted
  22. Some of my greatest moments of clarity and inspiration happen while walking Lily
  23. Less is more is generally always a true statement
  24. Less Sorry’s (LESS, I’m still Canadian, so you know they happen)
  25. A wish for anything that I create to be only as big as I can hold it
  26. Sleep is a beautiful thing! I love my bed, and a sleep-in when it happens is Divine
  27. “I Love You Mommy” is the purest and most heart opening statement that I will ever hear. To savour each one.
  28. Read Everything and Anything that lights a spark
  29. Write something daily (almost daily)
  30. Authenticity, Integrity, Growth and Love above all
  31. Choosing those things doesn’t have to be light and happy all of the time
  32. To remind myself often, to savour and breathe in the moments with E, even the hard ones (They’ll be a memory before I know it)
  33. Moving my body can actually feel good
  34. More Fun, More Spontaneity, More Moments when I feel my heart open


So now I hold the invitation for you? What Can You Choose To Make Your Life Better This Year? Share with me in the Comments below.








Photo Credit @stefanmakwana photography

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