5 Elements of Money Masterclass

Redefine your relationship with money and create wealth aligned to your 5 Element Alchemy

What if your current financial circumstances were a symptom of something else?

Its easy to obsess over the $$$ and get stuck trying to figure out how you can just make more.
But what if…
There was another way?
What if,
You could look take a step back and see the bigger picture to realize money is only one part of the equation, and your attention is actually being required elsewhere to broaden your capacity for greater wealth and overflow.
Where you experience and believe that money is to be something that you receive with ease grace and flow that fully supports your life, your alchemy and your desires.
That thru harnessing your unique 5 Element Alchemy, and supporting your unique talents and needs you not only experience an entirely new relationship with money, but also an evolution and unleveling to every aspect of your daily life’s experience.

A reality where you can have it all!

Being more engaged in your relationships,
Taking immaculate care of your body,
Having purpose in your work, deeply committed to your WHY
Feeling really secure, fully believing that the Universe has your back and is providing you opportunities to leap into greater levels of impact.
You fully participating in the wholeness of your life
If you’re over the questioning, the doubt and confusion that you have with money and manifestation
You’re done with the mantras that you only half heartedly believe and not seeing them come to fruition.
You’re tired of your own excuses, and self-sabotage and want to get to feel empowered instead of insecure and embarrassed.
Then its time to look at your relationship to money through the lens of your Alchemy and the 5 Elements with the 5 Elements of Money Masterclass.

Inside the 5 Elements of Money Masterclass together we’ll: 

~ Discover how the other areas of our life may be affected and are possibly preventing your ability to receive, make and save money.
~ Connect with your Alchemy’s inner motivations that may be unconsciously sabotaging your efforts to attract money and greater levels of wealth
~ Create a grounded relationship with manifestation, so that you can get your energy and intentions behind your money goals.
~ Activate self inquiry to promote greater listening to your unique needs, desires and zones of genius to inspire steady steps in the direction of your greater vision of greater wealth in your life – financially, emotionally and energetically
~ Rewrite your story with money and redefine what success, wealth and abundance mean to you and your alchemy so that you’re creating and attracting money with greater alignment and purpose.

What’s Included in the 5 Elements of Money Masterclass

5 Elements of Money Masterclass
This Masterclass is 3 pre-recorded webinar format videos so that you can have immediate access to the lessons and start connecting to your money and personal definitions of success, wealth and abundance right away. You have lifetime access to this material, so you may revisit it as often as you need to.
5 Elements of Money Workbook
Full of self-inquiry questions to deepen your relationship to your 5 Element Alchemy and how it relates to money and ability to attract and receive new levels of wealth.
5 Element Alchemy Guidebook – Extended Version
A deep dive into everything about you, with 30+ pages to help you connect to your 5 Element Alchemy, confirm Why You Are The Way You Are, and empower your unique requirements to create an abundant life that you love.
Money Meditation
Connect with your personal frequency and align it with money, abundance and wealth that you wish to call into your life.
Alchemy Healing Habits
I’m a firm believer in creating alignment within our self care rituals to better support our Alchemy. What I find supportive as an Earth/Water may be different for you if you’re Alchemy is different from mine. Within these pages are several invitations of spec care practices for each individual Element Type. Mix and match, allow them to inspire something with greater meaning and purpose to allow for a deeper connection to your body and mind and soul to support you in your daily life.
More Meditations
The Heart Space and Mother Earth Mediations are two of my personal favourite mediations to help support you in listening to your heart, and connecting with the Earths medicine to inspire greater desires to step forward and lead you on the path to a life of love & legacy.
I want to help you make real shifts – RIGHT NOW!
Because I know that  you desire to experience freedom with money, wealth and abundance.
Its time to dive deep and facilitate the big shifts that you know are yours to make.
Let’s Do This!

5 Element Money Masterclass




Katrein Ruehmland (Fire)

Before I began working with Ashley and the 5 Elements I was feeling incredibly misunderstood and frustrated.  I constantly felt like there was something wrong with me.  Why couldn’t I work and show up in the world like everyone else?  All while not wanting to do it their way in the first place. It just felt so out of step for me. EAM helped me embrace the fact that I’m a FIRE and as a Fire I need to step to the beat of my own drum – that’s who I am!  I had always been told that my way was wrong or problematic so this was a revelation and truly empowering.  I now feel as though I can finally give myself permission to do it MY way!   The sovereignty and calm that I feel in knowing who I am and not needing to apologize for it has been EVERYTHING!!  I am so much more compassionate and accepting of myself and those that I love. 

The greatest gift that I received from working with Ashley and learning about the Elements is uncovering that I’M NOT CRAZY!! I am just a Fire-Water combo which means I have two very different elements that need to be nurtured.  This knowledge has also helped me be more compassionate toward myself and other people, seeing how their alchemies interact with mine. Embracing my Fire has empowered me to live without apology in all areas of my life, work and relationships.  I also love that I can instantly tune into the Elements to check in with myself, and if there’s anything out of alignment I have tools to work with to bring it back into harmony.  Its been so grounding for me and I use it in so many practical applications.  I feel so supported by this work, Thank you! 
Paula Jordan (Fire/Water)
Catherine Davis (Earth)

When I first started to work with Ashley and the 5 Elements I had no idea what to expect, but it was nothing short of AMAZING!  I went from feeling unsettled and having a complete lack of confidence in myself to being able to authentically say that I love me for me.  I now feel empowered to surround myself with friends and clients that align with my core values and I’m no longer compromising who I am to make others happy.  The whole process unfolded so organically. I am awestruck at every transition that happened and how it just naturally came to fruition leading me to live a life that I absolutely love! 



Hey There!
I’m Dr. Ashley Abbs
I’m a Doctor of Acupuncture, Writer Speaker,  Mentor and Mother.
I’m also an Earth Element with a strong Water Secondary and a little spark of Fire.
I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada with my Husband, Son and our sweet puggle Lady Lily. Over the last 13 years I’ve worked in my health clinic TerraSana Health where I’ve helped hundreds of patients engage their own body’s healing ability and intuition to create the life of their desires.
I’ve experienced first hand how revealing your Inner Alchemy and embodying the 5 Elements can heal and consolidate the parts of you that feel fragmented and restore wholeness to manifest your dreams into reality.
Fostering my Elemental Alchemies virtues and gifts has allowed me to create a practice that supports my inner alignment, form right relationship between my roles as a mother, wife & entrepreneur, all while making space to guide others to create change and transformation in their relationships, work, practices and self.
Everything has opened up for me and I want that for you too.


5 Element Money Masterclass


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