A Three Minute Practice to Reignite the Flames of Your Desires


When you feel the spark of a desire do you let it burn? Do you allow yourself to feel the veracity and the depth to the wanting? Or, do you shut it down before it gets too uncomfortable?

The beauty and sometimes the scary part of the Fire Element is that if it’s allowed to burn it can consume everything in its path until there is nothing left as feed it. In reality, a fire like that needs to be managed and contained to provide safe passage and maintain some sort of integrity.

Except when it comes to our desires and the call from out heart.

Too often, before we can even take a second to reflect on the stirrings of our heart, we get a million and one reasons why it won’t work, can’t happen, is not worth the time and effort and without even a second thought we ignore the call of our heart.

We dump a whole ton of sand and water on the Fire and it puts itself out.

What’s happening when this occurs is theres a kickback from the Earth Element which comes next on the wheel after Fire and what would normally happen, is the Desire would be lit within the Fire Element and brought down into Earth to help form the intention and the beginnings of its manifestation.

The Earth Sings the Hearts Desire.

Except, our Self Worth is governing theme that is embodied by the Earth Element, and if we don’t feel worthy of the desire we deny the call. We send it back to Fire and advise the Heart to try again.

Perhaps with something a little more realistic.

The more times that this happens, our Fire begins to fizzle and the heart stops asking, and eventually we find ourselves in this place where we don’t know what we want. Even thinking about this possibility and how often I see the women that I love and support come to this place makes me sad.

The good news is, its possible to rekindle the flame and start over!

Regardless if you’re in the place that I just described or just finding yourself beginning to ignore the sparks of the heart and your burning desires.

How we do that is by allowing yourself the opportunity to want. To desire anything and everything.

And the important part of this exercise is to leave out all of the conjectures and reasons why it can’t happen. Now isn’t the time to ground it in realities and circumstance. This is just an exercise in allowing your Inner Fire to burn and your Heart’s yearnings to come forward.

To make this happen, it’s important to make it intentional and really clean.

Set a timer for 3 minutes, (you can always add more time when you’ve gotten a handle of only listening to your heart and allowing that Fire to burn, for now start small)

5Element_LearnAnd for those 3 minutes write out what you want. Nothing is off limits, nothing is silly, ridiculous, or unrealistic.

There are no plan of actions or a list of what needs to happen before it can happen.

Absolutely NO worries that other people won’t like it, or your husband will think you lost your mind or it doesn’t fit into your kid’s activity schedule.

Nothing except for the wants.

When the timer goes off, close the page, if you need to, have a good cry or shake especially if they’re any places where those beliefs that you’re not worthy of them came to light, they will need to be discharged.

And repeat this every day for at least a week. Longer is better, but just experiment with a week to see what it feels like to allow your desires to be unfiltered.

My experience of it, is that it’s pure magic.

Your heart won’t lead you astray, it doesn’t always mean that the manifestation of your desire will look exactly how it first came into your awareness. Usually it comes to be with even more alignment and groundedness but that’s not for you to figure out in this time.

For now, just want.

Feel It, Name it, Desire It.

In the comments below, I would love to hear how it goes




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