Alignment in Your Work Is Everything

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Question for you?

Are you building a body of work that you’re wanting to be apart of in 5,10, 20 years.
Or is it something that as soon as you hit a certain number, attain a particular recognition or feel something in your body that right now is missing, you’re out or you’re planning to then start working and being in your work differently?

I’ve been here, I know what that feels like, and the longer it lasts the more tired, burnt out and desperate you end up feeling.

Truth is, if you’re waiting for something to be different before you give yourself permission to create and practice the way you want, your practice and your way of working is likely missing a critical piece thats probably putting up the blocks to your true legacy and success.
Which means you’re going to be waiting a long time to get to do what you want.


Its a catchy somewhat over used word these days.

I get it. Everyone is talking about it.

But the thing is, its everything.

Without it, what ever you build, it likely won’t last, and if it does you might be wishing it would burn to the ground so that it can just be over and you can start again.
You can buy and hire all of the latest and greatest, have a fancy shiny website, have smokin offers that sound amazing, and hire the best marketer in the biz.

But if you can’t fully get your energy behind it. Its doesn’t matter.
The work that you do in the world has to reflect who you are and what you value in order for it to work.

The patients and clients that you want to work with, can feel it when your hearts not in it or if somethings amiss.

The tendency is to dig your heels in more, and just work harder at it. But maybe thats not the invitation that you’re being given?
Perhaps, its an opportunity to take a few steps back and gain a greater perspective on what you’re trying to create and build.

I’ve been here, I thought just working more and adding more patients to my calendar would solve the problems that I was facing. I thought it would “fix me” if I was doing it like everyone else.

I hadn’t yet found my flow or true happiness in my practice, it must need more patients to get me there.

But even with a full practice, it never happened. I just became more tired, incredibly anxious, my body falling apart, and the most heart breaking of all, my love for my medicine was slipping away.

I’ve had many moments in my practice where I’ve encountered the choice point of course correcting to a different way of practicing, in the first few opportunities I made small shifts, trusting my intuition a little here and there but slowly I would find myself back falling on old “work harder” patterns and winding up back at the same place of Burnout, Rest Repeat. Over and over again.

It wasn’t magic and then all of a sudden the birds sang and my world was different that it all clicked, but with each invitation, I got greater clarity of what working and being in my practice could be like if I was willing to get out of my own way.

To seek alignment in my practice, first and foremost I had to honour me. In my 10 month group mentorship, I’m constantly saying Self First, Practice Second.

Its not what I was taught. Its not what any of us were taught, and the pull to put the practice first is mighty.

To assist me, I’m always looking to my Alchemy. It is here that I find my guiding star to know when to say yes, and when its in my best interest to pull back and reassess.
In doing so, my practice is almost unrecognizable to the one I had even 6 years ago. Back then I was in my 3rd trimester, seeing 40+ patients a week, working up to my due date and then back practicing 3 weeks after I had E.

CRAZYTOWN! (burn out combined with postpartum depression)

But at the time I didn’t think it could be any other way.

Oh, how I was wrong.

Its possible to care for your clients in the way that you want to, doing your best work, in love with your medicine, make an excellent living and still have a life for yourself.
It all starts with your Alchemy.

I want to help you discover your own alignment. I’m opening up my calendar to work with 3 practitioners that are wanting to create a practice thats aligned to who they are and their greatest desires.

Its a 5 month long private mentorship. You, your practice and me co-creating greater harmony and lessening the reigns of practice dogma so that you can do it your way. Not only that. Do it incredibly well.

Success on your terms. How does that sound?

If you’re feeling called to inquire, to make 2019 the year that you bring your big vision into being.

Click here for the details + application.

We get started in February.


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