Identify Your Automatic Habits and Shaking Things Up

Assorted cookies in brown plate and brown mug of coffee on brown canvas.

When Stress has you down or tensed up, what do you do to unwind?

What’s the THING that gets you back or at the very least calmed down so you can face another day?

Is it Alcohol, Food, Sex, Caffeine, TV, Exercise, Meditation….?

If you answer is all of them, Okay…. but I want you to take a closer look at your habits. Take a breath, You had a really busy day at the office or with the kids and you do what?

Pour yourself a glass of wine…..shove a cookie in your mouth…turn on the TV…..

Once you have your finger on your go too coping strategy, I want you to ask yourself, is it serving you and your current goals. (IE: Getting pregnant, Shedding weight, Moving more, Eating Clean, Improving your relationship) Whatever your current goal is, are you sabotaging your efforts by your automatic habits?

None of these actions are necessarily wrong when balanced and intentional; however, it’s possible you don’t even realize that you do them or how often. Have they just become part of your routine? For a moment I invite you to bring awareness to them; maybe they require a little shake up in order for you to get closer to your current goal.

In Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory, balance is achieved by true moderation. It exists in every aspect of the human condition, 5 flavours, 5 movements, 5 emotions and even 5 constitutions. Overindulgence or emphasis in one element (such as flavour or activity) creates disharmony and stagnancy. The other elements become undernourished and imbalanced as the body delves deeper into one direction, rendering them unable to support transformation or equilibrium.

Take a look at what your habits are, have they become automatic?

Personal share, I’m not really a coffee drinker, I enjoy an occasional cup every now and then, nor am I a big drinker but at 3 PM, If I am unaware and automatic, I’m reaching for sugar in any form and after Little E goes to bed I am grabbing chocolate and lots of it, My switch ups, grabbing our dog Lily and heading out for a #soulwalk, eating a date or two so I still get to experience some sweetness and in the evening I pour a glass of sparkling water with a twist of lime.

I encourage you to play with your automatic habits, see if you can go a day or two without a glass of wine at dinner, a cup of coffee every morning, or turning the TV on immediately after dinner. Placing a little distance between you and your thoughtless habits allows the opportunity for when you choose them, you CHOOSE THEM, they become more enriching, more soulful, and more enjoyable. They’re no longer mindless actions, they’re intentional.

There may be some feelings that come up around this shake up, we will get to them in future weeks, for now just observe what they are.

My Top Five Switch-ups to your Automatic Habits

Alcohol – dress up a healthy drink like Kombucha or coconut water. Pour it into a wine glass or something out of the ordinary and garnish it with some fruit.

Coffee – Keep the ritual, but try a warm cup of herbal tea, or spiced almond milk steamed

Over-Exercise – try a new activity or spend part of your workout stretching and listening to a guided meditation

Food (Sugar/Salt) – Make healthy satisfying alternatives readily available everywhere, your desk, pantry, fridge and purse. Try out a new recipe, like some grain-free sugar free Paleo muffins.

TV – Music/Conversation/Play – turn the TV off a little earlier and spend some time connecting with your partner and family.

I would love to hear what your current automatic habit is and how you intend to make it more intentional or break it for good?



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