Why Comparison Is A Waste Of Time


Your Comparison Is A Waste Of Your Time

Okay first, let’s just address what I’m willing to bet money you’re thinking.

YEAH, Yeah I know this. I have my own talents, voice, gifts Blah Blah Blah…..

Am I right?!

Okay so all of that’s true but, not what I’m getting at here.

Your comparison is a waste of time because 99% of the time you’re focusing on the final product.

The BIG, Fat, Curated, Super Glossy Shiny Whatever! VS. Your desire and process and where you are right now.

Which lets face it, if your in it….. YOU’RE IN IT and it might not be feeling so awesome right now.

The reason why its so easy to compare and feel deflated about your own progress is because the final product also comes with an energy.

And that Energy is thanks to the Wood and Fire Elements.

The energy of Wood and Fire are bold, driven, clear, articulate and a little in your face.

Especially when your feeling a little over sensitive to your current predicament and wishing you were further ahead.

What you see is a desire fully realized and ready for it’s next evolution.

What you’re not seeing…is all the stuff that had to happen to get it to this place.

You don’t see all of the time that your girl crush spent dwelling in the darkness.

Held in the Earth Element ruminating and trying to convince herself that she’s worth pursuing her desire and dream.

Facing her Shadows and overcoming her limiting beliefs that are all telling her to just let it go and stay safe.

The time and energy that it took to discover her Purpose and “Why” within the Metal Element. “Why” this particular desire deserves to see the light of day.

And then all that time waiting in the Water Element, waiting for something to happen and to feel that initial spark again.

Finding herself in her goal, allowing her authentic voice to come thru so that it’s truly hers.

Gathering up every last ounce of herself to choose love and liberation over fear and playing small.

5Element_LearnIt’s a process.

We’ve been taught to only share the Perfect, Finished Version of ourselves.

But the magic happens in the depths of your vulnerabilities. Tweet this.

Even though it doesn’t feel like it. This is the stuff that makes that finished result so much more fulfilling when it finally happens.

This is the stuff that makes it yours and not anyone else’s.

And Yes, some women have a knack to get to the Wood Element to have their goals and dreams realized than others.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t all arrive here when it’s all aligned.

Whole, Fully Embodied and All You!

So for now, Acknowledge where you’re at.

Release the Comparison.

It has no place in your progress, it’s merely a distraction.

Instead look to your girl crush as inspiration. Embrace the belief that it’s possible.

Her success is further proof that when you choose Love over Fear, dreams come true.

And then get to back to work.






Photo Credit: Stefan Makwana Photography

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