Discovering The Guru Within

Each of us as individuals has everything we need at any given moment.

A wisdom that is innately your that surpasses anything that a teacher may bestow upon you.

We can of course use our resources to learn a trait, tool or skill.

But when it comes to your heart, your soul, your voice its all right there waiting for you to find it within.

Water is our opportunity to seek the guru within.

When we sit in the stillness much like looking at a still pool of water, it’s only you looking back.

Not your teacher, not your girl crush entrepreneur that has the life you want, not a celebrity.


When you fear what you may see/uncover/find while taking a look into that reflection.

You look to others.

That teacher, girl crush, celebrity will be there when you can’t sit in the still for a moment longer.

They may have great advice. Tools, Skills, traits that worked for them that may work for you.

But ultimately, they all come back around, back to Water.

Back to the Stillness

Back to the Reflection

Back to Yourself.

Again, you find yourself at the crossroads and a choice.

Are you ready to look this time?

To discover your innate skills, tools, traits and


Let’s not forget about all of the gifts that you have within, that only you can share with the world.

You are your GURU

Are you willing, are you ready, to discover you?







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