Embodied Alchemy Sessions

Take the quiz and learn your true element!


Embodied Alchemy is about reclaiming what makes you, YOU!

Using the principles of the 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) from Chinese Medicine Philosophy, you can discover your Individual Embodied Alchemy.

This lays the foundation to revealing


Every answer that you’re currently seeking can be found by understanding how the Elements influence you…..

in the way your body and mind work (your health, the way you make decisions thru to your core values)  


in the ways that the elements influence you in nature  (the changing of the seasons, monthly moon cycles, etc.)
Once you hold the key to this Powerful Medicine it becomes easy to come back to your centre and silence all of the external noise and chaos that surrounds you.

To know exactly what you want and need to live a life of your desires.

No more searching ~ No more feeling lost ~ Every question you ever had, the answer is within YOU.

It’s as natural as tuning in and listening to your heart and knowing precisely what the next steady step is.  Its as simple as looking outside your front door to how Mother Earth is currently guiding and holding the space for you to transition to your next season.


I want to help you do that.


I’ve seen firsthand how utilizing the wisdom of the Five Elements and Chinese Medicine, combined with the science of the body, can create a soulful life filled with creativity, fertility (and we’re not just talking about babies) purpose, deep & profound impact.

An impact that has ripple effects out to the world beyond your circle of influence.  An impact that changes the world as we know it.

InstanocomparisonWe’re talking;

Eastern Philosophy & Western Science

Strategy & Soul

Meets YOU!

The Modern Women that wants to walk your unique path with purpose and heart. A life where you choose Love over Fear everyday. Where each day, You choose YOU, and still have a thriving family and relationships.

You no longer have to choose, be fraught with guilt or have to wait until everyone else is at their destination before you can start.

You can start TODAY!

Paula Jordan
I will be forever grateful to Ashley for posting gorgeous photos on FB & IG of herself posing with lively women and wearing bright red lipstick. Following her online postings was like watching a stunning flower blossom. I wanted to know what she was doing and how I could get it for myself. Thus began my life altering work and sisterhood with Ashley.

Ashley’s combination of intuition and communication style helps my fiery nature grasp concepts while grounding me. She makes the information come alive. I absolutely love the elements work which reminds me to look to nature to become aligned, refuelled and nurtured.

If you are looking for substance, depth and support in living a life embracing all aspects of yourself, working with Ashley’s program is what you are looking for. I can’t emphasize enough or put into words how much respect, admiration and love I have for this woman. My life is better because of her.


Before we even meet, once your session is scheduled, you will be sent a worksheet to fill out and send back to me so that I can identify your Unique Individual Alchemy utilizing the 5 Elements  eg. are you 50% earth with 20% metal and 10% wood etc ~ you’re going to find out!

This information will help me to identify the common places where you likely flourish as well as the areas in your life that you might get stuck. 

Once we’re in our session, we’ll explore what and where your heart and soul have been calling you to explore. 

We’ll discus how you can live an embodied life grounded in the natural cycles and rhythms of your body and in harmony with our natural world through the 5 Elements.

Embodiment of the 5 elements allows for the alignment of the daily details thru to the big beautiful reality that is your true purpose and legacy.

No matter what kind of change you want to make, I have tools and processes that can help.

Whether you:
  • Feel like you’re too overwhelmed with everything that is happening in your life – between your job, kids, relationships, something has to give but you can’t even get a second think about what that might be
  • Have a vision of how you want your life to be and you’re not sure how to get from here to there.
  • Don’t know what you want, but you know you want something different from what you have right now.
  • Struggle with self-sabotage or limiting beliefs which stop you before you can get any kind of traction.
  • Feel like you are drowning in the mundane details of life and, at times, wish you could escape.

We start with where you are at, and from there, we create a customized program that is governed by your Individual Alchemy to support the freedom you want to experience.

Here are some of things my clients have focused on:
  • Dissolving old stories of doubt, fear, and feelings of not being good enough.
  • Transforming sticky patterns such as self-sabotage, procrastination, need for approval, fear of rejection, numbing out, self-sacrificing, people-pleasing.
  • Finding clarity, purpose, meaning, momentum, direction and community
  • Resolving the challenges that arise during times of change – switching careers; starting a business; having a baby, moving to a new place; ending, beginning, or changing a relationship.
  • Creating a soulful strategy for long lasting meaningful change – redefining identity, establishing healthy routines, creating healthy boundaries.
  • Conceiving and Embodying the essence of living a fertile life (and it’s not only about babies – but it can be that too)
  • Healing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Taking action and turning dreams into reality.
Shannon McEwan
I admire Ashley for her ability to integrate rich intelligence, accurate intuition, & a warm heart into her career & personal life. She is deeply driven by growth. Because Ashley is constantly learning it makes it very easy to rise to your best self in her presence. Ashley’s most liberating transformation that I have had the pleasure of witnessing is her expansion to be seen by the world & show sincere vulnerability in her brand as a doctor, mother, wife, woman, humanitarian, & dream weaver. Ashley’s philanthropic nature promotes the welfare of others in a disarming, simple, awe-inspiring way. If you are fortunate enough to have her guide you on your journey you will be grateful you made the connection.


Our time together with be highly personalized. I won’t run you through a 6 month coaching program or a ten session treatment program because:

  • Your life and the changes you’d like to make are unique.
  • Your program should be too.


I’ve worked with my clients in many different ways,
  • a single strategy session
  • once a week for a month in my Calgary office
  • once a month for a year on Skype
  • a phone check-in once a season

Together we’ll figure out what feels best for you, your life & your goals.

I’m a firm believer that our time together, and when it should end, comes about organically. Which is why each session stands on its own.

I prefer that we have the freedom to collaborate and decide together what you require to feel supported and empowered to utilize the principles that we’re discussing so that you may have an immediate shifts in your life for the better.


The Investment:

$250 USD per 60 Minute Session


All that’s left to do is Click the button below to schedule your session.

Afterwards I will be in touch within 48 hours to send you the Initial Client Profile so that I may prepare for our session.


Ask me, I have answers.  Reach out by sending an inquiry here. I would love to discuss if this is the best way for you and I to collaborate together.

Kate Altman
I frequently thank the universe for crossing my path with Ashley’s…there was an instant connection and I knew she was someone I needed more of in my life. Ashley is brilliant, compassionate, and someone everyone needs more of in their life…I am blessed and honored to know her and call her my friend.