Going With The Flow – An Invitation To Align With Water


It’s a New Year and Water is here. She arrived with Winter Solstice and came flooding in requiring me to stay perfectly still.

I went quiet, I didn’t post much for the first few days or really connect with much outside my own four walls. Water does that, it’s perfectly fine to be aloof and on it’s own. It does what it wants unless you provide a container for it.

I didn’t have one for a little while and I just let it flood in and take me with it and it was nice. Because not only could I just be, I also didn’t have to pretend to be anything than I wasn’t.

Which is why I love to surrender to this time of year and feeling that Water is actually guiding me at this time.

For most people the new year brings intentions, goals, resolutions, the potential for a New You. But in fact, Water doesn’t care about any of that. Which is why most people abandon what ever they started after only a few weeks because what they thought they were moving toward wasn’t actually aligned with the energies at present.

If New Years happened in March when the Wood Element is in full force, I’d be willing to bet money that more people would meet their goals. It’s just more aligned.

I’m not saying don’t do anything until March, that doesn’t work for anyone either. But what might have more of a lasting effect is to be still and listen.

Go with the flow. Water and it’s energy varies from complete stillness, a single ripple all the way to a tsunami of destruction.

Personally, I prefer to interface with it when it’s still or coming at me in small waves. I find when I do this I encounter less tsunami’s where my entire world is whirled around, unless it must, then it does and I at some point I have to surrender to this happening.

In the stillness, you can see your reflection. Actions, motivations, beliefs can be mirrored back to you so that you may work through or see for the first time places in you that require your attention.

Water is also the place where the mind can settle to allow your other wisdoms to speak up. Your heart’s voice has a chance to sing.

Within Water, our Integrity and Authenticity will ring true. If you believe in a God or Divine, your intuition, or Energy of your own understanding this is the place you will hear, see or feel it.

For me, this type of interface and integration comes in the form of small waves. I get a bit of her wisdom as she washes over me. Sometimes a lot, and sometimes none, but’s it’s an energy that I can surrender to, I can trust it, I know another wave will roll in at the right rhythm that is just right for me.

deepen_understandingFrom this place, I can plant seeds and dream. From this place the direction and moment for action becomes clear. It’s aligned with my individual knowing, my integrity, my authentic self. From here, it has less chance of being a miss step, or something that will be abandoned.

It comes from something so much bigger.

As we head into the weekend, I encourage you to carve out some time to connect with the Water Element, in it’s physical form or just the energetics.

Go with the Flow, allow Water’s energy to wash over you and speak her wisdom. Allow her to guide you.

Go back to that sacred space you made for yourself during the Metal Phase and invite Water in.

In the comments I would love to know what Water Revealed to you.


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