Happy New Year



New Year New You!

How did you celebrate? Our first New Years with Baby E was spent taking in the Zoo Lights at the Calgary Zoo and enjoying an early countdown and fireworks. After Baby E went to bed we sipped Prosecco and enjoyed some couple time ringing in the New Year.

The first few days of January are always exciting! I like to set intentions for where I want to be next December and what I want to accomplish through the year. It’s a fun time to dream of what’s possible and GO BIG!

Then life comes flooding in, the to-do lists start adding up and our big goals get put off until it’s a little easier. My question to you, when is it going to be easier? Probably Never!

Instead, make some time to sit down to do this exercise, make some tea and start dreaming and visualizing where you want to be this time next year. Put them to paper, and then start to plan. Which ones do you want to accomplish first? Are there easy ones that you can implement today? What steps do you have to take to get there? What needs to be completed before you can start? Do you need to delegate or ask for help? Break each goal out into small actionable steps that are manageable. Take out your calendar and start imputing your actionable steps into your schedule.

Now you have a real picture and plan on how you are going to meet your goals and be standing in the place you envision by next December.

As a side note, in the Chinese calendar we still have a few weeks left in the year of the Snake before we move into the powerful year of the Horse. There is still time to shed your old skin, finish off old projects and clear out closets to make way and provide direction for the coming year!

In the Comments below, what are you clearing and completely? What’s on the horizon that’s driving your change for 2014

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