Inner Listening and Coming Thru: Honouring The Canadian and Standing Behind It


When one willingly enters the space of the Water Element, you come face to face with your authenticity or lack there of it.

There is no where to hide, when the water is still, it stares back at you in your reflection. In times when you don’t want to look you can run around, being busy, distracting yourself with plans, people and things, but eventually Water will come find you.

When you eventually do slow down enough to look into the pool, everything opens up. Seeing your reflection and you in the present moment doesn’t need to be a scary thing, actually it’s an extraordinary gift, that brings you back home.

Back to whats important,

Back to your truth,

Back to YOU.

And in this place, as you are right now, you can realign yourself with the pulse of your soul and your next steady step will show up.

Over the past month, I have been sitting in this space, perhaps it was the events of the last couple of months occurring around the world, that a part of me (that I often take for granted) spoke up and asked to be honoured.

The fact and simple truth that:


It sounds a little odd to write or even say aloud. Of course I’m proud of this fact, but it’s not one of my main qualities that leads my decision making when I go out to do things, set goals. In fact I hardly bring it up unless I’m at an event and most of the time people think that I’m american because I don’t have a thick accent or mannerisms aside from an occasional “eh” that one associates with being Canadian.

But here we are and me being Canadian is begging to be honoured, and largely in my business over anything else. And when I meditated on what that meant for me, a very loud voice came back saying “You need to charge in Canadian Dollars.”

I was taken aback by this a little, its not that I was upset with it, just a little surprised. Everything online these days is usually done in US dollars, so it wasn’t that I was being inauthentic with regard to my offerings.

But, as I felt into it a little more, I could also feel that I was tired that everything was in USD. When could a Canadian get a break already!?

And if I have been feeling this, I’m willing to bet that my fellow Canadians reading this are too.

So here it is, in honouring my Canadian-ness and providing relief where I can in this world. All offerings and future offerings will be priced in Canadian Dollars.

And hey, if your American that means you get a huge break too!

eamaboutThis includes The Embodied Alchemy Method. We kept the numbers the same just changed to currency.

So, if you’ve been wanting to start the New Year off with some reflection and soul work to refine your purpose and connect to your desires to make your goals and dreams a reality then check out The Embodied Alchemy Method.

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Have questions about the program or anything else, just reply to this email and we can chat.

Wishing you a fabulous New Years celebration how every you wish to spend it (I likely will be in bed long before the clock strikes 12) and I will see you in January!





PS. I have new offerings coming your way for 2017, so stay tuned.


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