Hey there Beautiful Soul,

I see you, 
You long to be seen, supported and recognized for who you are.
To be able to trust your intuition to leap forward to your desires even in the face of mounting reasons that tell you it makes no sense.
To grow and evolve in a way that feels true to you. You’re way past someone’s 10 step plan that makes your heart sink just looking at it. 
To Experience Celebration, Play & Connection
Expansion over Isolation
I want you to know, that all of this is possible.
Your Next Steady Step Awaits.
It Starts With You.


The ‘5 Element Alchemy’ Digital Program is about reclaiming what makes you, YOU!
Using the principles of the 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) a Chinese Medicine & Philosophy, and the worlds oldest personality test you can discover your 5 Element Type (or what I like to refer to as your 5 Element Alchemy).
This lays the foundation to revealing


Every answer that you’re currently seeking can be found by understanding how the Elements influence you…..
in the way your body and mind work (your health, the way you make decisions thru to your core values)  


in the ways that the elements influence you in nature  (the changing of the seasons, monthly moon cycles, etc.)
Once you hold the key to this Powerful Medicine it becomes easy to come back to your centre and silence all of the external noise and chaos that surrounds you.
To know exactly what you want and need to live a life of your desires.
No more searching
No more feeling lost
Every question you ever had, the answer is within YOU.
It’s as natural as tuning in and listening to your heart and knowing precisely what the next steady step is.  Its as simple as looking outside your front door to how Mother Earth is currently guiding and holding the space for you to transition to your next season.


90+ Minute Video Lecture: 
This video lecture includes everything that you need to know in order for the 5 Elements to be a foundation to your inner work and goal setting.

You will be invited to discover:

  • Your  5 Element Alchemy, the world’s oldest personality philosophy that will enable you to appreciate and work with your innate zones of genius while surrendering the expectations that don’t support your natural rhythm of work and play.
  • How each of the 5 Elements manifest within you, which creates feelings of empowerment, greater compassion towards yourself and the people you love, and the permission to live your life unapologetically
  • An in-depth exploration of your Unique Core Requirements. which will help you shatter negative belief patterns towards yourself and others, and finally have healthy boundaries, supportive coping mechanisms.
  • Healing Tools and Soulful Strategy to assist you in supporting yourself to be able to leap towards your desires to create a life that you love. 
The 5 Element Alchemy Guidebook (The Extended Version):
Within this Extended Version you will gain greater understanding of your Inner Alchemy and “Why You Are the Way You Are”
A complete pdf workbook has been curated to deepen your experience with the material, presented in this bundle.  Each question is designed to hold you accountable to your goals and reflect on how the elements apply to your specific life and desires.
Bonus Material:
5 Elements Healing Habits E-Book
The E-Book is complete with tips, practices and self-care remedies to help support your Inner Alchemy to enhance your experience of each Elements Energetics.
The Heart Space and Mother Earth Meditations are two of my personal favourite meditations to help support you in listening to your heart, connecting with the Earth making ways for your greater desires to step forward.
$47 USD


Katrein Ruehmland (Fire)

Before I began working with Ashley and the 5 Elements I was feeling incredibly misunderstood and frustrated.  I constantly felt like there was something wrong with me.  Why couldn’t I work and show up in the world like everyone else?  All while not wanting to do it their way in the first place. It just felt so out of step for me. EAM helped me embrace the fact that I’m a FIRE and as a Fire I need to step to the beat of my own drum – that’s who I am!  I had always been told that my way was wrong or problematic so this was a revelation and truly empowering.  I now feel as though I can finally give myself permission to do it MY way!   The sovereignty and calm that I feel in knowing who I am and not needing to apologize for it has been EVERYTHING!!  I am so much more compassionate and accepting of myself and those that I love. 

The greatest gift that I received from working with Ashley and learning about the Elements is uncovering that I’M NOT CRAZY!! I am just a Fire-Water combo which means I have two very different elements that need to be nurtured.  This knowledge has also helped me be more compassionate toward myself and other people, seeing how their alchemies interact with mine. Embracing my Fire has empowered me to live without apology in all areas of my life, work and relationships.  I also love that I can instantly tune into the Elements to check in with myself, and if there’s anything out of alignment I have tools to work with to bring it back into harmony.  Its been so grounding for me and I use it in so many practical applications.  I feel so supported by this work, Thank you! 
Paula Jordan (Fire/Water)
Catherine Davis (Earth)

When I first started to work with Ashley and the 5 Elements I had no idea what to expect, but it was nothing short of AMAZING!  I went from feeling unsettled and having a complete lack of confidence in myself to being able to authentically say that I love me for me.  I now feel empowered to surround myself with friends and clients that align with my core values and I’m no longer compromising who I am to make others happy.  The whole process unfolded so organically. I am awestruck at every transition that happened and how it just naturally came to fruition leading me to live a life that I absolutely love! 



Hey There!
I’m Dr. Ashley Abbs
I’m a Doctor of Acupuncture, Writer Speaker,  Mentor and Mother.
I’m also an Earth Element with a strong Water Secondary and a little spark of Fire.
I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada with my Husband, Son and our sweet puggle Lady Lily. Over the last 13 years I’ve worked in my health clinic TerraSana Health where I’ve helped hundreds of patients engage their own body’s healing ability and intuition to create the life of their desires.
I’ve experienced first hand how revealing your Inner Alchemy and embodying the 5 Elements can heal and consolidate the parts of you that feel fragmented and restore wholeness to manifest your dreams into reality.
Fostering my Elemental Alchemies virtues and gifts has allowed me to create a practice that supports my inner alignment, form right relationship between my roles as a mother, wife & entrepreneur, all while making space to guide others to create change and transformation in their relationships, work, practices and self.
Everything has opened up for me and I want that for you too.


Have a question for us?
Simply email us at and we’ll be right with You!


Deanne R. (Water/Earth)
The shift that has occurred for me through the process of working with Ashley and the 5 Elements is night and day.  Before I was feeling lost and unsure of any sort of direction or where to go next.  My relationships were disconnected and my business was stalled.   In the process of understanding my Alchemy and the natural evolution of the Elements I was able to uncover who I really am, along with how to honour my natural ways of being through connection and flow so that I can create a life that I love.  As a result, I am creating a business that is inspired by my gifts and IT’S GROWING!! Not to mention my connection with my kids and husband has deepened.  We’re so much healthier emotionally as I can look to our Alchemies to help understand and support us. The value of being able to turn inward for my answers instead of looking externally has been such a gift.