Let It Be The Last Time You Say Yes When You Really Mean No

As August is quickly coming to a close the Fire Element is receding and the Earth Element reveals itself, there is this sweet spot where you can savour anything and everything that brings joy to your heart and mind.

The flames of fire have begun to quell, they aren’t as hot or chaotic, meaning you aren’t necessarily feeling called to flit around with as much whimsy in a million directions where every day being a new adventure.

We’ve now entered the slow burn. The one where we are drawn into the flame, to slow it down a little, feel the warmth and savour the moment. If you allow yourself this natural transition it will feel as though time will lengthen and your heart and its most desired wants will speak louder than ever before.

This is your opportunity to let your heart lead you to what comes next.

We’re conditioned to make September the time of year where we hit the ground running, come back to routines, buckle down for the last quarter of business, get the kids in their activities, and quite frankly lose our minds for about 3 weeks until the Fall equinox.

I say this because I find the first few weeks of September fascinating in clinic because every year its a little all over the place and clients are losing their minds over all of the things that they now feel compelled to jam in a week and then magically by the end of the month everything has settled and now its all just regular life….half of which they wish they could delete from their calendar immediately.

So you can do that again this year….

Or, you can take this final week of summer, utilize that slow burn of the flame and listen to your heart speak up over the rational mind that is filling your calendar with far too many things that you don’t actually care to do.

And set intentions that honour your joy, your unconditional love to you, your family, and everything that you hold dear.

Does an activity, program or event feel expansive to your heart or does it contract?

Are you choosing it out of obligation, wanting to make someone else happy, or you may not even know the reason why but you compelled to schedule it into your life even though every part of you wants to say no.

If there was ever a time, its now, and saying NO might just be the most powerful decisions that you make for yourself. You don’t know whats around the corner waiting for you to free up some bandwidth that your heart will actually delight in. Screaming from the rooftops YES YES YES!!

A Sacred NO is just as profound and powerful as a Sacred Yes.

Use it. Life is too short to do things that don’t set your soul on fire.





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