Masculine Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Word


When you hear the word Masculine, what images,feelings, or words come to mind.

Be Honest

With all of the work that you’ve been doing to access and strengthen your ability to feel the Divine Feminine, does the Masculine feel dirty in comparison?

If you have you’re not alone…

As we reach new levels of experiencing the Feminine and all of its glory, power, creativity, and so much more. There’s a pull to set up criteria and duality where the opposite of all this good has to be bad.

It’s human nature, duality is part of our experience in trying to understand why we’re here and if there’s something bigger, whats our relationship to it.

We like black and white, right and wrong it makes it easier for us to adapt and make decisions.

Except not everything is that simple and severing the connection of the Feminine from the Masculine is one example with profound consequences.

While we can qualify qualities that each of them have, (most of them being opposites) they are all in relation to the other.

Feminine and Masculine are interdependent and mean absolutely nothing on their own without the other.

Which brings be back to my point. To fully experience the Feminine that is Divinely Rising within us all as a collective, we must heal and experience the Divine Masculine at the same time.

That doesn’t mean we have to do everything equal to and be or operate like a man. That’s BS and ridiculous and actually taking women as a collective off track from our own strengths and points of impact when we hold this belief of what Feminism and Women’s equality is.


The masculinity that most of us are wanting to reject, is more about patriarchy than it is about masculinity. Matter of Fact, Patriarchy has hurt our men just as much as it’s hurt women, it’s just more sneaky and less objectifying when it comes to the ways it hurts them.

Patriarchy thrives on aggression, competition, greed, ego, selfishness and only views an action as a means to a particular end that usually involves someone benefiting from a place of privilege and oppression of others.

And it’s here in the Wood Element where we feel the effects of Patriarchy and Masculinity the most. Every Element has a Yin (Feminine) and a Yang (Masculine) energy to it. But the Wood Energy which is the most Yang of all of the Elements (in my opinion) is where we can tap into what it’s truly capable of.

Within the Wood Element, there is the possibility that we can get pulled off centre especially when this type of Power comes into our mind and take hold. It gets nasty and self-serving. I totally get why a lot of women in their awakening to their Femininity and Inner truth would want to reject this energy when it shows itself within us and around us in the people we love or work with.

But the Wood Element also has the ability for us to realize and embody the Divine Masculine.

And it’s energy is anything but destructive. It’s tender, supportive, articulate, and discerning. It creates boundaries and structure to support the Feminine in it’s plight to have her gifts flow onto the canvas and into her songs. It assists as a container with intentional and directed action so that her desires and dreams become physical realities, regardless of what others think of her or her sacred work.

Instagram_ClickhereWhen I think of this relationship, a saying that I heard over and over again while ice dancing from my coach was that “the man is the frame and the girl is the picture” When there is equal pressure and resistance in the frame, the man can help to guide and move the girl around to twizzle, turn, jump and dance with ease. Her artistry is what everyone is looking at. Her poor partner only gets to do the same 3-6 steps but without him…she wouldn’t be able to do half of what she is capable of.

The Divine Feminine and Masculine exist within each of us.

This isn’t about needing a man in order to achieve what you want. This is about realizing how both energies reside within your body, heart, mind, soul and what happens when you allow them to fully marry to become one.

and with that, I invite you to take a few moments to feel into the masculine within you as it is now. Is it coming from a place of power and ego? Are you blaming the Masculine for everything that is wrong in the world, in your world?

Or is it possible that you can begin to have a different relationship with it. Can the Masculine support you in your current desires with unconditional tenderness with a wee bit of planning so that you are making traction and not having them remain in the ethers?

I would love to know.




Photo Credit @wendykyalom and @stefanmakwana

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