My Body Story: Part II


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The beginning of my new outlook on my body, emotional eating and my life, began when I transitioned my practice to its current location back in 2011.

We had just moved into our house, and constructed a clinic there so that I could work from home and begin to create a life that had an opening for a baby to come thru. This was about 6 months after our wedding and I was no longer doing the crazy diet thing, so a bit of weight had crept back on, but I was just over it. I wanted to focus on balance and feeling good.

I was already diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, so I started to really get at the information and try to eat a way that felt good for my whole body. I just began to eat how I wanted to help nourish my body and eventually my baby. For me this was getting a lot more rigid with not eating gluten and then playing, I like to cook, I enjoyed making nourishing food. I was probably 5-10 lbs more than I would have liked but I knew that I was doing this differently.

And that’s when I stumbled on Sarah Jenks‘ Blog. Reading about her adventures every week and listening to her tips were so refreshing. My body and my mind were both saying yes, and so after returning from our honeymoon where I ate myself through Europe, eating croissants, pizza, gelato, and pasta (not gluten free) every day for 3 weeks and probably gained 10 lbs, I decided to enrol in Sarah’s Live More Weigh Less Mastery program.

And that moment feels like the true turning point for me and my relationship with my body. And if I’m completely honest. MY ENTIRE LIFE!

As I mentioned in the Real Talk Videos, I also found out I was pregnant during the program, Sarah and the women in the community were truly a support system for me through the first few scary months. But using Sarah’s principles and knowing that weight loss was off the table allowed me to really get to know me and what I really wanted. I finally had a moment when my body, my heart and my mind could be one and I didn’t feel like I had to separate any of them.

I also I didn’t want to binge and purge anymore, In any capacity, physically or emotionally.

I knew that I didn’t want to treat my body and my weight like it was my second job. Quite honestly, I have way more interesting things that I want to think about and do then fret about what I look like and question if I’m good enough.

I wanted to do all of the things that were on my list for later, when I was thin and happy enough.

And spending time with Sarah, helped me blow the door wide open on all of that. I got to enjoy my pregnancy, honour my cravings and also be grounded in getting good nutrition for myself and Little E.

Examples of me Living More are planning family trips and going on retreats for myself, having a closet full of clothes that fit me and I feel beautiful in, I take the time to eat and I enjoy my indulgences, and I created a schedule and work life that actually fuels me rather than depletes, and most importantly I feel more free, free to love, free to care and really apply attention on to the areas that I choose rather than felt obligated. I carry way less guilt about what I want in any shape or form.

I got to use the same principles after Little E was born and not buy into the crap that is out there telling women that we need to remove every physical reminder that we had a baby in our bodies after 6 weeks, and truthfully a lot of my healing from my postpartum depression was through using Sarah’s directions and finding myself again amidst all of my roles and life circumstance.

I got to embrace and love my stretch marks from carrying Little E. The last few weeks of my pregnancy I cried when they started to show up, but now I kinda like them. Something that I would have never said or found peace with, without the help of Sarah.

In fact, I actually had my stomach photographed for my own personal keepsake. I remember making the decision to not wait to do this when I reached a certain goal in my weight. I wanted to find love for them as they were in that moment.

And, I felt HOT, when those photos were taken, It was definitely a YEAH ME Moment!

About nine months after Little E arrived, I lost my “baby weight” though my body is very different then it was. I’m still a ways from the size 2 I was in my 20’s, I don’t know if I will ever get back to there.

But I have a grounded respect for my body and my current life working in my practice, have a rambunctious toddler running around and exploring what else I want from this life. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not spending every last second of my free time in the gym or measuring my food.

And I’m okay with that.

Sarah’s Live More Weigh Less Mastery is open for enrolment today. If you are ready to take this journey and be supported by me, then I recommend that you take a look. The doors close on the 22nd and won’t reopen for at least another year. The time is now!

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PLUS: Weekly check in email’s through the duration of Sarah’s Program to cheer you on and offer support in the areas where you’re getting stuck.

If you want to talk about if this program is the right fit for you or have questions, then reach out. I would love to help you figure it out.

*I am a proud affiliate of Sarah Jenks’ Live More Weigh Less Mastery, I may earn a commission if you use my links to purchase her program.

In the comments below, I want to hear from you, If you weren’t always thinking about your weight, what would you finally say yes to?







Original Blog Posted April 2015

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