Now’s Not The Time To Be Skipping Steps


I used this picture of Little E because I think it serves as a perfect example to what I’m discussing today on the Blog. He wants to be bigger. He constantly wants to tell us that he’s working and he so wants to harness all of his energy into something. BUT, he needs to grow. We keep emphasizing that there will be plenty of time to work in his lifetime, now is the time to experience and “JUST BE” He can’t rush it, and it’s important to ground him in what it means to be a little boy that is growing and evolving.

The Water element is so close I can feel it. Its flow is starting to touch my soul and I feel the pull to drop in.

And then I’m pulled out and wanting to move onto the next thing. New ideas are flowing, projects on the horizon, goals that I want to achieve. I’m impatient and I don’t want to wait. I want it NOW I need it NOW.

Have you felt these two pulls going in two entirely different directions as of late? If you have you are not alone.

Metal is winding down and if you have taken the time to let go, release and create space. There’s an energy available that can be taken into two entirely different directions.

One through Water, it’s the next element on the Wheel of Elements. Metal is considered the Mother to Water, there is a pull to slow down and be present to something that may not yet have a form, BUT it can feel a little scary.

Or you if Water feels a little to BIG, you can skip it and go straight to the WOOD Element. This would be considered the next step in what we in Chinese Medicine call the Control Cycle.

To skip the steps, and head straight to Wood, feels appealing. Besides you already have ideas jumping out left and right. The usual New Year Resolutions are just around the corner and you’re looking to what you want to accomplish or have happen in 2016. So why wouldn’t you just get on with them. RIGHT?!

Now, I’m not going to tell you what to do, BUT, I give you a few things to contemplate. When your working with a medicine that exemplifies being in Right Relationship, a “Control Cycle doesn’t necessarily lend itself to this ideal.


WATER is the Mother of WOOD. So if we were to skip the Water Element entirely our implementation of our goals, ideas, and vision COULD be immature. They could possibly not have the impact or result that you’re seeking.

You could find yourself in “close but not quite hitting the mark” type of situation. Maybe or maybe not, you won’t completely know until you arrive at the end.

But what if you just took a moment and instead of rushing forward with the first draft you slowed down and let it take a little more shape?

What would happen or change in your goal or vision if you had a little more time to tune in to it?

The true expression of the Water Element within us, is that it speaks to our integrity and our authenticity.

deepen_understandingWhen we allow ourselves to become unattached to an outcome or particular vision we can align ourselves with our heart and souls knowing. It becomes our barometer for what we do and how we do it.

When we fully tap in to this wisdom we become uncompromising to it’s true nature and our sacred path. Our Bullshit metre is on full alert and we don’t allow our sense of urgency to pull us off of our path.

To see this in a very simple and likely scenario we’ve all probably found ourselves in as an example.

You’ve just cleaned out your closet (Metal),

You are left with pieces of clothing that you absolutely love. They reflect who you are and you want to spend some time curating a style that feels aligned with who you want to be in your world (Water)

But then you get an email and your favourite store is having a sale, and while your in the store your swayed by all of the amazing deals. The urgency of the moment and the thrill of the impulse you end up spending way more money than you thought you would and you have filled your closet up with more clothes.

Clothes that you like but don’t necessarily love, and likely in a year later they’re going to consignment because you barely wore them (immature Wood).

Taking this Sacred Pause doesn’t mean you have to wait until spring to start working toward your goals or launching your desires and dreams.

Making room for Water merely means that you pause to make space for the idea to evolve even further. Maybe you already have a handle on it. Allow yourself the opportunity to let inspiration and creativity to surface to allow for more service, more fulfillment, more impact to filter in.

The brain can only conceive in ways that it has seen or experienced in the past. The Heart and your soul’s calling can use much larger parameters. Allow them the time and space to work their magic.

In the comment’s I would love to hear some of the visions and goals that are beginning to surface and what you are doing to honour it’s growth beyond your current knowing.


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