Nurtured 1 to 1 Coaching

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They are the tiny whispers and nudges from your soul that offer words of encouragement, love and support.
They are calling out with little sparks of curiosity to help guide you towards ideas, people and experiences that nurture a sense of vitality and aliveness inspiring your next steady step to embody your potential and bring your desires into form.
They are calling you to share the unique souls expression that only YOU can share.
Its starts with trusting yourself, leaning into your innate gifts and reconciling your confidence in your intuition and abilities.
Honouring, Who You Are & Why You Are The Way You Are
Coming home to your own inner wisdom.
Because, who you are is not your job, your relationship status, your financial situation, the place you live or your perceived accomplishments or failures.
Who you are is something that you do not need to seek, prove, or become more of.
Who you are is already whole, and magnificent.
Through the medicine of the 5 Elements, honouring who you truly are becomes easy, allowing your creativity and soulful strategy to unfold with grace.
Where you can trust yourself enough to follow your dreams and make positive changes, without needing guidance, permission or approval from anyone or anything outside yourself.
To unapologetically create and share from the essence and truth of who you are with authenticity and ease so that you can have it all.  Knowing that both your family, work and relationships can thrive as you pursue your hearts desire.


The keys to you creating a life that you love are within your grasp.

NURTURED is a personal 1 to 1 coaching container.  Each session is a sanctuary for your Soul – a space to deeply listen and receive support to untangle the triggers, challenges and life lessons that are meeting you along your journey to creating a life you desire.
You will receive support and accountability in between our sessions that will be uniquely designed to support your flow, elemental requirements and your goals. 
This is not a one size fits all program or advice giving immersion.  – Its a sacred space to surrender to the truth and wisdom that is already available to you within.  But don’t worry I will provide you lots of exercises, tools and practices to help guide you inward so that you can listen and trust your own knowing. 
Some of the topics that we can help further your journey to reconciling that place where life can get strained and lead you to put yourself last over everyone else’s needs.
Identifying your 5 Element Alchemy and how to harness your innate strengths to make way for greater ease and grace in all of the different areas of your life. 
Self Care: not the instagram worthy crystals and oracle cards (those are great and have their place) – I’m talking the raw requirements that you uniquely need to have met in order to feel supported, worthy, safe, powerful, loved and whole.
Priority Assessments and Values:  This exercise has been life changing for past clients.
Intuition and Capacity Mediation: A strategy informed by your unique requirements that empowers you to feel free to trust and leap towards those bigger dreams. 
Planning and Soulful Strategy: You can have it all, but you can’t do it all.  Lay down your “Busy-ness” that confuse your worthiness with the number of items on your to do list and become the CEO of your life.
Pleasure: Tending to your inner fire and infusing life with more joy, play and desire is a catalyst to creating a life that is full of Soulful “Yeses.”

Nurtured Coaching Sessions Are Right For You IF. . . 

• Life is changing: you’re beginning a new project, going back to work after raising your babes, ending a relationship, or your children are individuating and you now have more time than you know what to do with.
• You feel lost: you’ve changed and aren’t sure how your life fits together anymore.
• You feel stuck: your job is boring, your relationships feel strained, or your roles are draining your vitality.
• You feel like you’re living someone else’s life: your parent’s, your partner’s, your friend’s, either way it’s not authentically yours.
• You’re wondering what went wrong? Where did I lose myself? How did I get so off track?
• You don’t know what you want anymore: or even the first step to figuring it out.
• You know what you want: but you get distracted by the needs and demands of everyone else or life’s current circumstance.
You keep repeating the same lessons and patterns over and over again, not matter what you’ve tried it seems the same situations keep coming back.


• You feel like you’re being initiated into a life that is much bigger than what you’re currently living and you want pragmatic and grounded principles that you can see and touch to help you make it a reality.
• You’re ready to adapt soulful strategy and empowered action to follow thru with your goals and desires. (you’re done with just thinking and talking about them)
• You want to learn to be more productive AND more playful.
• You desire to know yourself like never before, embracing even the hard parts with compassion and unconditional love.
• You’re ready to reconcile your heart so that you no longer feel like you’re choosing between the people that you love and your ambition.
The embodiment of your soul and nurturing your innate gifts & potential provides you with an organic unfolding of steady steps that begin to appear with the utmost serendipity. 
Your trust in yourself will be unshakeable. 
Your world and your circle of influence will thrive and expand to greater levels of impact and legacy. 
Your love will become what love has always been meant to be: Free and unconditional, and your life will glow, from the inside out.

Session Details

Nurtured Sessions are 75 minutes in length. We can meet in person at my office in Calgary AB, over the phone or via ZOOM.  
After our first session, together we’ll decide if a series of Nurtured Sessions feels useful, empowering, and supportive. I usually work with people for between 2 -12 sessions per initiation or objective.
If you would like to experience a hybrid mentoring acupuncture session, this is possible too. Email to discuss your request.
If your ready to get started, go ahead and book your session online or send me an email at I or my team will be in touch within 48 hours with next steps. 

Payment Details

Nurtured Sessions are billed at my hourly rate of $250 USD.


Hey There!
I’m Dr. Ashley Abbs
I’m a Doctor of Acupuncture, Writer Speaker, Mentor and Mother.
I’m also an Earth Element with a strong Water Secondary and a little spark of Fire.
I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada with my Husband, Son and our sweet puggle Lady Lily. Over the last 13 years I’ve worked in my health clinic TerraSana Health where I’ve helped hundreds of patients engage their own body’s healing ability and intuition to create the life of their desires.
I’ve experienced first hand how revealing your Inner Alchemy and embodying the 5 Elements can heal and consolidate the parts of you that feel fragmented and restore wholeness to manifest your dreams into reality.
Fostering my Elemental Alchemies virtues and gifts has allowed me to create a practice that supports my inner alignment, form right relationship between my roles as a mother, wife & entrepreneur, all while making space to guide others to create change and transformation in their relationships, work, practices and self.
Everything has opened up for me and I want that for you too.


Andrea Englehart

My Elemental awakening centres around bringing the Fire back into my life.  Before the program I wasn’t consciously aware of how much it had been stifled from too many years in a “roommate marriage” and too much time spent working from home without enough social contact. This program gave me the framework to think about what I valued and wanted out of life.  Then lo and behold love and romance unexpectedly arrived that re-lit that spark!  And once that spark was ignited my career took a new and exciting path all on its own as well – after almost THREE YEARS of being unemployed and not having any idea what direction to take.  I didn’t even have to try, it just all fell into place once I honoured my Alchemy’s needs. I reclaimed ME!

Tracy Griffiths

Working with the Elements under Ashley’s guidance has allowed me to feel grounded in who I am and more accepting of my natural rhythms.  I also came to understand how I’m affected by the elements of each season and as a result I’m more objective to my feelings. I can process and make room for my emotions without having them take over my day, week or even longer.  With more emotional stability I am empowered to follow my dream of becoming a Life Coach.  I am able to apply this elemental lens when working with my clients which results in greater compassion.  Now, I’ve begun to apply these same principles to my dating life which has been incredibly informative as I learn how my alchemy and others’ work together.

Katrien Ruehmland

Before I began working with Ashley and the 5 Elements I was feeling incredibly misunderstood and frustrated.  I constantly felt like there was something wrong with me.  Why couldn’t I work and show up in the world like everyone else?  All while not wanting to do it their way in the first place. It just felt so out of step for me. Ashley helped me embrace the fact that I’m a FIRE and as a Fire I need to step to the beat of my own drum – that’s who I am!  I had always been told that my way was wrong or problematic so this was a revelation and truly empowering.  I now feel as though I can finally give myself permission to do it MY way!   The sovereignty and calm that I feel in knowing who I am and not needing to apologize for it has been EVERYTHING!!  I am so much more compassionate and accepting of myself and those that I love.