Utilizing The Metal Element To Make A House A Home

I would like to fully utilize the “Letting Go” Capacity of the Metal Element as its energy reaches it’s climax because what’s coming as we enter Water needs A LOT OF SPACE.

I hope last weeks blog was helpful in you finding your way to creating a little more time and space in your mind. If you need a refresher you can read it again here.

This week, its about the STUFF. The physical stuff, the clutter, the too much, I WANT ALL THE STUFF!

It wasn’t timed, but its funny that this particular blog is being published on Black Friday when Americans and now much of the world are in a frenzy to BUY MORE.

No judgement, I look for a good deal on something when I can find it.

But likely there are some things in your storage, closets, pantry’s, cupboards and vanities that could be let go of.

Old make-up, clothes that are too small, too big, don’t like and just hang in your closet giving you more reason to believe you have nothing to wear.

Or, maybe it’s something ridiculous like at my house.

I live in a large home, but because the clinic takes up most of our basement we have limited storage. And that storage houses mostly EMPTY BOXES.

No Joke, we have a tendency of keeping all of the boxes that come with your toaster oven, pvr, camera, computer. You name it we have an empty box sitting in our storage taking up a ton of room.

We don’t even put boxes within boxes. Each one takes up space. It has always irritated me and when you add boxes from kid stuff its gotten way out of control. Plus the logic behind this habit is pretty thin. We keep them all for the moment when we eventually move, having the original box will make it easier to pack.

But heres the thing, we are going on 5 years in our house and I don’t see us moving for a long time. So it makes for a lot of space being taken up and no room for the few things that really need that space.

So this Fall when everyone was raving about Marie Kondo’s Book:The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up I decided to pick it up and give it a read.

The impacts of it were far reaching. Now, I didn’t do everything like she laid out, so likely I’m going to be one those people that fail (if you read the book you know what I’m talking about) BUT, its helped me immensely in being able to let go of my things.

I have an emotional sentiment to most of my belongings, and to throw things out or give them away is really hard. Not so much the boxes but everything else. But Marie’s process of inquiry and gratitude has freed me up to have much more grace to this.

Not only have I managed to get rid of the boxes that were over-crowding our storage, I’ve rearranged our main floor office and guest room, given clothes to charity, sold some of the more expensive items, rearranged Little E’s toys so that they’re slightly more contained. Over-all I’ve allowed more space to be created throughout my entire home and clinic.


When the mind sees a clean uncluttered space it can relax, it can feel at home and then focus on what we want actually want to create.

Quiz 1 Option (Are you ready)(Quiz)Which gets us back to having even more mental bandwidth to have more time and space for our own self-care, our own choice to how we spend our time allowing our ambition and relaxation space to thrive.

Not only that, there is a vibrational energy shift that happens which sets off it’s own possibilities. If you pay attention, you can feel it when you walk in a room that’s been cleaned out, rearranged. Personally, I feel freer, I sleep better and I’m energized from the space.

I have reason to believe that Marie is a true Metal Element, as her process is so beautifully constructed and so simple and purposeful. Allowing for decisive direction and gratitude for each object.

If organization is your thing or you need some serious tools for letting go of stuff I encourage you to read her as there is way more involved than these 2 steps I’m going to show you today. But for the purpose of this blog and you getting started right away here are my favourite aspects that have really helped me.

Hold every item you own and ask does this give you Joy?

If the Answer is Yes, find a space for it and honour it. Allow that item to give you joy.

If the Answer is NO, thank it for the moments that the item had gifted you. The thrill of buying it, the event you wore it to, the beauty it provided your home, etc.

And release it. Donation, Garbage where ever it’s meant to go next.

Give it a try.

In the comments I would love to hear if you’ve found yourself letting go of? Was it something sensible or something like my boxes?




Photography Stefan Makwanna
Inset photo of Little E Agape Studios

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