What If You Don’t Get Pregnant?


Lets be really honest with ourselves for a moment and really just let that question set in for a moment.

Up until now you’ve been going for it, and your doing everything thing you can to make your hopes and dreams come true. EVERYTHING!

And may not want to even acknowledge the possibility that it isn’t going to occur, feels awful, its scary, it may even bring immediate sadness or despair.

But…even though you don’t want to go there, you really need to.

Given that this weekend in Canada and the US families everywhere will be celebrating Mothers Day and those that have yet to have that extra pink line show up for them, this is a really hard day. This little (okay BIG) shadow of doubt might be lurking somewhere in your consciousness and your doing everything you can to avoid it.

Attempting to crowd it out with positivity, or just never looking at it may feel like a better alternative. How is that working for you?

The reality is that the harder you try to push that question away it just gets bigger, LOUDER and it pushes back even harder. The accompanying emotions fester waiting for the most inopportune moment to blow. And if were being brutally honest, those moments usually get directed at your husbands.

So, lets go there now, if this weekend is going to pass and your going to have some feelings about it anyways so lets REALLY go there.

What Happens If You Never Have A Baby Or You Don’t Get Pregnant?

Remember this is only an exercise,

I’m not saying that this is truth, by you spending some time investigating the feelings/emotions that are pent up here doesn’t mean in anyway that your giving up or accepting defeat.

But, you really can’t move forward by ignoring whats wrapped up in this question, and if you are having a lot of resistance about doing this than there really is something that needs to come through.

1. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or a cup of tea (whatever feels right)
2. Find a space that you feel really comfy (your favourite chair, your bed)
3. Find your favourite journal and pen
4. Take a few deep breaths
5. Let the heart lead, What Happens If this doesn’t happen like you planned?
6. Let the feelings come, Cry, Get Mad, Shake allow what ever is there to come through.
7. Leave it all there on the page.

Fertility_ForumThe purpose of this exercise to really get familiar with what’s there, Maybe your holding yourself back from something in the waiting, maybe it’s not as bad as you think… The point is, you won’t know until you do this and then you can really move forward.

You can make decisions about what comes next, treatment, no treatment, actually letting this dream go, having a different conversation with your partner, or perhaps its just continuing on the current path your on.

When we uncover the darkness, there is a sense of clarity that can come through allowing a new trust to develop within yourself, your body and your direction. Tweet It!

Having worked with hundreds of women become pregnant and amazing mothers I implore you to not skip over this this step.

In the comments below, I want to hear from you, when you did this exercise what fears came to light, what clarity do you have now that you didn’t have before.






Photo Credit: Tracy Griffiths @agape studios

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