What To Do When You Feel Like A Walking Contradiction


Last Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a group of women and one man into my home for a Desire Map workshop.

It turned out to be such a great day and each participant got the opportunity to explore what they desire, where they get stuck and don’t go after what they want, and why that is.

Throughout the day, we kept coming back to the 5 Elements and how they were the cornerstone for why one individual wanted, needed and desired one thing above another. What was interesting is how an individuals elements (plural) made it confusing to allow their heart to lead.

During an exercise in the morning, one women spoke up and said that looking at her desires she wanted things at the opposite ends of each spectrum. It made her feel like she was a walking contradiction. She stated “Can this be, or am I just crazy”

My answer, It’s true! You are a walking contradiction, and the sooner you can embrace that fact the easier you will be able to get past what’s holding you back.

Why was this? It was because this particular woman was a Water Element and a Fire Element, two elements on the opposite ends of the wheel. She has both an innate desire to Feel Safe, Know the Future is secure and be Reassured qualities that a water element typically seeks out within themselves.

And then on the other hand there is Fire that yearns to Craving Love and Passion, Emotional Stability, Happiness and Closeness qualities that one typically seeks out with other people.

So she had conflicting messages about wanting to be alone, relax and recharge and then wanting to play, have crazy fun and be the star of the show. There was this underlying feeling that she was meant to choose.

But why?

Get_Clarity_Empowe_QuizWomen are often faced with this challenge of having it all, we are compelled to fit ourselves into a single category so that we may know “Our Place” which allows us to know how to relate to one another, to compete with one another, and know where we rank. In the I’m better at life than her game.

But, it doesn’t work that way, it shouldn’t be that way, because we are multifaceted, multi-elemental complex women and the sooner we embrace this fact the sooner we can really live. We can release the guilt about being able to know our boundaries, our inner knowingness to experience pleasure and also cultivate sacred space for ourselves where no one else is allowed.

Each of us, has these contradictions within us, and when we can bring them to light we can have them work for us. We can honour our Fire, and Water Energies, or In my case Earth and Water with an itty bitty amount of Fire…..And I can give myself permission to borrow a little Metal and Wood when my life requires it.

Don’t hold yourself back from the expansiveness that your life can possess. Be willing to suspend your perceptions about what your life is supposed to look like or what should make you happy, and invite possibility in.

If you haven’t done so already take the quiz and get your Free Report on reclaiming your Elements. Do the bonus quiz at the back of the report so you can bring to light all of the facets of what makes you YOU! Have questions ask me, I’m here to help.

In the comments below, What are your Elements, What action are you going to take to embrace each one.


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