When Life Warps Your Expression….


I have a question for you.

When you took the Element Quiz were you a little surprised with the result?

Did you think that you were a different element than what it revealed?

Truth is, you may very well be the Element that you thought you were BUT life has warped its expression and to adapt you may have taken on another element entirely or everything is just a little dimmed down.

In my practice I see this happen a lot. Sometimes life gets hard, Infertility, Weight gain, Health issues, Not Finding a Career thats Fulfilling, Heartbreak, these events change us. They leave emotional scars that shape who we become and what paths we travel next.

And, sometimes they make us entirely different people.

Without full embodiment of our truest Element, we can lose our place in the world. It’s happened to me, when I was finding my way through the fog and despair of my postpartum depression I had completely lost my Earth. I forgot how to mother myself, I felt burdened by mothering Little E and overwhelmed by my clients needs and expectations.

I had no centre, I was not home in my body, and my mind (well let’s just say it was completely cray cray). I found myself being consumed by the depths of the Water element and desperately attempting to create direction in Wood, but I lacked my centre, my Earth, the part of me that brought it all back together.

The separation from my Element was devastating for me, and once I was able to recognize it,

My Element is what brought me home.

So, maybe a separation from your True Element has happened to you, possibly through circumstance such as mine, or just with life happening around you you’ve lost perspective of what makes you YOU.

It doesn’t really matter what the story is all that matters is that we find our way back to ourselves.

Not sure where to start?

Start here,

I see a general trend among women as we age is that we lose our relationship to the Fire Element. We lose our spark, our want, in being the centre of attention, to be desired and to have fun.

Quiz 1 Option (Are you ready)(Quiz)Our societal conditioning has us putting our Fire on a shelf only to be brought out on special occasions like weddings and date nights. Except these “Special Occasions” don’t necessarily happen all of the time so we are left with this desire for play but so incredibly awkward that we just sit on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun instead.

Or the flip side, if we actively engage this energy on a frequent basis we’re somehow meant to feel guilty about it, irresponsible even.  Having too much fun leaves us telling ourselves that we need to get more serious.

When in fact, that spark is something that we should feel within us all of the time.

That’s right, First we need to know who we are, being in right relationship with our dominant Element and then we engage the energies of the what remains so that we may embody them all.

That’s when the magic happens.

So, I’m asking you this question again. When you took the Elemental Quiz were you a little surprised with the result? Did you think that you were a different element then what it revealed?
(Don’t know what I’m talking about ~ take the quiz here and get in the know)

I invite you to first look at what your result was. Can’t remember take the manual quiz at the back of the report, and then spend sometime getting to know your element. It’s often reflected back to us in our homes, health, relationships, environment. Begin to witness your habits and begin to play.

And then, read all of the elements. Notice where they show up for you, or what is seriously lacking. Having little to no score in one of the elements is a good place to start. Look to the healing habits to start cultivating this energy in your life.

In the comments below, I want to hear from you, What is your element? In what ways do you engage it so that it supports you? Where do you struggle with embodying its energies?


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