When You Can’t See It To Believe It, What Do You Do?


“I’ll believe it when I see it” is a common phrase that you hear in everyday passing. Usually its just someone stating the truth that they need evidence in order to believe that something is possible or achievable.

And then other times it’s used with sarcasm to take the wind out of someones sails when their dreams seem to stretch beyond our own limits of imagination.

The truth is, that for the mind this is truth.

Our minds like evidence. It needs it, in order to risk assess the next step it has to recall from our memories other scenarios where we used these skills, had success or even failed.

From this, it then calculates if a desire, goal, or decision is worthy of it’s time.

But what happens when you’re about to embark on something that you’ve never done before?

What if there are no memories, no proof, no evidence, that you could do something entirely new.

A new way of being, living, achieving, experiencing life.

Our Heart’s Desire, our Fire, can stretch much further than our minds imagination. It doesn’t hold to the restrictions and the necessity of evidence to put itself out there.

It wants what it wants, simple as that.

And then the Mind and the Heart have a serious smackdown, pulling us in a million and one directions from hope to despair to the feeling that anything is possible to feeling completely deflated.

It’s exhausting to feel that many feelings at one time, and it doesn’t matter if it occurred in minutes, hours or even a day. Your head hurts, your heart feels heavy, your mind is in overdrive going over every possible scenario.

All you end up doing is run around in circles never getting anything.

So how do you stop it? How do you convince the mind to take a back seat for a little while?

The Answer is actually quite simple.

Bring the desire into the body.

Not just the Heart, she did her job by letting her dreams be known, now it’s time to bring that Fire down into Earth.

Your Earth, your body is where your next steady step lies.

Earth sings the desires of our Heart, and then sets it’s intentions to make it so.
It brings this energy down from the Heart into our Solar Plexus so that it may be digested and taken in fully.

Not only that, but our Earth is the pivot to help bring this energy down from our Heart and into our Womb.

And within our Womb, magic occurs.

Because the Womb unlike the mind doesn’t need evidence or proof.

wholeandfreeIt creates.

It helped to manifest our children when it had never once done that before. A desire from the heart, sacred partnership and some divine timing, all came together to bring about a child, that your body then nurtured, grew and loved. All without your minds input. Your body just knew what to do. It took the reigns and allowed creativity, love and the Divine to lead the way.

Our bodies are incredible.

Our mind knows this, but it forgets. It’s first instinct is to look outward to other things and people to help us solve our problems and accomplish our wants.

But it really doesn’t need to. Everything you need is available to you right now.

Go back to the body, send your desires down into your flesh, muscles and your womb. Feel the solidity of your body, her weight, and her strength. Feel her grounded firmly on this Earth and allow her the opportunity to sing your desires.

She’s got you.

In the comments below I would love to hear some of the desires your Earth Element wants sing.





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