When Will Power Just Isn’t Enough

Within each of the 5 Elements resides a spirit. It helps to hold space for the healing that can take place and provide the necessary foundation to allowing a particular element to move into the next and come full circle.

In the Water Element, this spirit is known as Zhi (pronounced Gheer)

The Zhi is translated to our Will. Which most of us immediately translate over to willpower, and usually we follow with a comment of “I have none of that” But truth be told the type of Will that we’re referring to is more closely associated with the Woods, directed, upward rising, determined energy over the wishy washy, swirly, sometimes chaotic energy that we can feel in Water.

In fact, in modern psychology we know that ‘Will Power’ only counts for 10% of our action and follow thru and when it’s depleted, unless there is something else to help carry the inititiative forward, we find ourselves either freezing up, going back to the habits and believes that we know, or depending on our constitution white knuckling it for a little longer before we crash and burn.

So if the Zhi, our Will’s not that, then what is it?

In my opinion, I think that our Zhi (will) comes from a different and more powerful source. One that has no limit and one that calls on our authentic self. It comes from that place of reverence that we seek and find during ritual. From the place where our heart speaks to our soul and creates an opening.

From this place we have the power to align ourselves in our truest direction.

It calls on us to be real. It invokes our most authentic self, our integrity and it’s quite unapologetic when its called upon.

When our authenticity and integrity are in tack and in alignment to our dream we are able to navigate our lack of ‘Willpower’ in a different way. And the way to really allow this part of you to speak up is by identifying your Core Values.

Your Core Values are the missing link between your desire/goal and your ability to show up for it and follow thru. They’re individual. You and I may have the same exact desire or goal but the way that we bring it to fruition will occur through totally different paths.

A plan or action that doesn’t honour these values is sure to be abandoned before you every get out of the gates because you aren’t being honoured. Sure the end result sounds amazing, but if you have to sacrifice your integrity and your authenticity to get there, did you even succeed?

Identifying your Core Values is how bring YOU into the equation and within the essence of your core values lies your personal ZHI, your willingness to think out of the box and find creative solutions to accomplishing your desires, your willingness to choose Love over Fear.

So my questions to you is What do you values?

Take a little time today and list them out. If you can try to narrow it down to 10 at the most.

Then ask yourself:

Are you living in integrity and alignment to these Values?

Are there ones that are more important but aren’t being given space?

Are other values associated with your Ego crowding out your true values?

Take a little time here, be gentle with yourself and take as much time as you need to go through this exercise. I promise the more that you do this, and continue to come back to this your inability to follow thru will be a quality that is long forgotten.

And your ability to choose Love over Fear will become easier with each passing day.

Please share any ‘Ah ha’s’ from this exercise below. I would love to celebrate them with you.

*An excerpt lesson from the Embodied Alchemy Method. For more info on the full course click here.





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