You Are Sacred


Maybe I’m reading to much into this…

Or, maybe I’m not.

Perhaps I just decided to take the cue however I was able to feel into it and not get stuck in the overwhelming negative situation that could have left me defeated.

This week was my first Qoya Offering to my community. I put myself out there through my email lists, my clinic, a few of my affiliations. I wasn’t expecting a big class to start. I was prepared to go and dance by myself.

Not that I don’t want people to come, but it felt freeing to work through my expectations of having lots of people come all the way to absolutely no one.

Regardless, I was committed to be there, to move my body and to make it an experience.

As an Earth Element, I am about the details. Ambiance and the way a room feels is my jam. It doesn’t matter what I do, I need to feel like home. I require that my offering out to the world puts another at ease.

Which is amazing when it all comes together, but, it can get a little consuming if I don’t stick to the essence of it all.

There is always more, another thing or object that I can do or add. An Earth person also has an innate tendency to spin and ruminate on such things. So this need to control every detail can become a little much.

At some point there is a place where it has to be enough and often something has to intervene to bring that truth home for me.

So Tuesday I was running around town trying to grab the last few things that I thought I needed.

And then my car DIED on the side of the road, every thing that I planned to do, was officially not going to happen.

At first, I cried a little, I took a breath and then my brain just reorganized. (in the past this would have been led to a major breakdown to the 10th degree)

Instead, I figured out the logistics of getting my car to the shop, me back home as well as what’s going to happen over the next few days being down a car, and then assessed everything I was trying to acquire and came to realization that I didn’t need any of it.

I got to the heart of it all and what my busy was really about.

I wanted the room to feel SACRED. I wanted it to be Special, (it’s just a little community centre room with crappy light) and I wanted to try and care take every single thing that I could to make it good enough.

What I forgot in all of that was that


Quiz 1 Option (Are you ready)(Quiz)I had within me everything needed to transform the moment into being exactly as it was needed. But we forget this fact so quickly. We default into thinking we’re not good enough or don’t have enough.

When we do.

Within me and you is everything.

And, the Qoya class ended up being amazing, and so perfect. Familiar faces showed up to support me, I got to meet a few of you that felt called to join.

I drifted off to sleep with my heart full and my soul very much in the flow what my greater purpose and dream.

For those of you interested in joining me at a Qoya class in the future, join our Calgary Qoya Community Facebook page to stay up to date on classes and workshops.

For now, take a minute to take this fact in. You Are SACRED. In the comments below I want to hear from you what it felt like to receive this in your body as truth.


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