You Are Worthy: Honouring Your Inner Metal Element

We’ve come to the final element the Metal Element, and the close to this blog series of honouring each element, their core requirements and how you can support each of these energetics as they show up within you and your chart.

Regardless if you have a lot of a little of one element in particular there is a space and time where the medicine of each will reveal itself to assist you in your desires and quite often invite you to cultivate more of its virtues and do the inner work that is surfacing to be healed so that you can expand your circle and prepare for your next up levelling.

The Metal Elements Core Requirements centre on the theme of consolidating worthiness, and how we seek and find the truth reflected back to us that we are worthy of the life as it is in this moment as well as the one that we desire.

To Receive Recognition: While obviously there is an external aspect that drives this core requirement, your inner perfectionist, yep thats your inner Metal element wanting to fulfill this requirement. All the times when you’ve worked your ass off and wanted someone else to notice, again Metal wanting to be recognized. The reality being that yes in a lot of ways you can be rewarded and recognized for all that you bring to the table, but its a little out of your control as to when someone will notice and or give you the compliment which is why its important for to know what type of recognition you are longing to receive so that you can articulate it.

How and for what do you wish to be recognized for?

How am I recognized or seek recognition by other people?

What is motivating my needs to be recognized in these ways?

How do you recognize yourself, your gifts, and all that you are in this present moment?

Feeling Complete: In the generation cycle of the elements Metal is usually considered the end point. Its the place where the leaves turn to brown and fall from the tree to leave one cycle and begin another. Metal is the place where we find ourselves when something, a belief, pattern, way of being needs to be refined and alchemized into something new. To bring closure to what was and where new life can abound.

So its only natural that the Metal Element constantly seeking to feel complete in order to be fully fulfilled. Asking yourself,

What in me is requiring closure or completion?

What in my current circumstance needs to be finished or brought to a close.

What does completion feel like within my body and mind?

Feeling Adequate: A Metal Type is motivated to be competent and proficient at the tasks or work that they execute. Again that inner perfectionist may be digging its heels in and pushing the agenda beyond whats really required so its important to acknowledge what you actually need to do or feel in order to feel adequate. But before we ask that question I need you to know this first. .

In this moment, right now as you are,


You aren’t required to do anything to make this statement true, because it already is.
As you read this statement I invite you to notice the sensations, feelings and or thoughts that arise within you. Writing down what you witness occurring within you. Stay with it for at least a few moments and write it down. No editing, no filters, no explanations.

When you can see the thoughts and the feelings as they are you can begin to unwind them and get to the heart of why they exist to be able to reconcile and fulfill,

What do you need in order to feel adequate?

Finding Meaningfulness: The Metal Element brings us into the realm of the here and now, through the breath you are invited to experience the preciousness of the moment.
Taking a breath and connecting to your lungs inhale and exhale. What has meaning in your life?
What actions within you life speak to resonance of your life having meaning?

More than the other Elements, perhaps because again the Metal is trying to reconcile completion, I find the Core Requirements of Metal to build upon themselves. Each question and inquiry creating foundation and structure to reconcile the next.

Which is why the final Core Requirement of Metal is to

Have Purpose: This is necessary for a Metal Type. Without it, there’s no sense in continuing onto the next phase. If there’s no reason Why, then what are we doing here?

So I ask you what is your Purpose? What is your Why?

Answering this question will provide the resilience and reverence required to keep putting one foot in front of the other while also coming full circle to further fulfill the Metal Requirements in its next evolution.

To further support you in this Inquiry and supporting your Inner Metal here are a few practices that can assist you in connecting to the preciousness of a single moment, and cultivate right relationship between your inner landscape and the demands of daily life.

Breathe: Developing a meditation or conscious breath practice helps to bring you back to the present moment. Quieting the noise both externally from others and your own internal dialogue to come back to whats important.

Gratitude Practice: At the end of the day identify at least three things that you’re thankful for and write them down. This exercise is designed to develop your capacity to take in good feelings, compliments and respect in such a way that it nourishes you. Over time this process will help to break some of the criticism and cynicism that may be preventing you from finding the internal satisfaction that you’re seeking. As spend time giving daily appreciation to the positive, you will become more aware of it through the day, thus cancelling out the negativity.

Performing Rituals: Rituals serve many purposes to support your Inner Metal. They provide a structure to support your spirit and an alchemical space to spur creativity and turn lead into gold. By allowing sacredness to occur in your daily devotions, there is opportunity for you to become present to the preciousness of this moment in time while also connecting to the higher spirits or God of your own understanding.

Practicing Imperfection: Unlearning perfection takes time, its thread is woven through so many aspects of ones life, and so its important to be gentle with oneself as you acknowledge when and how you uphold this belief and protection. Take the time to understand why it exists, before trying to remove or disparage yourself for doing it. It can be helpful to take small steps in disabling the patterns or beliefs allowing oneself to be less curated in person, on social medial and other areas where you show up in the world.

Okay Deep Breath!





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