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Hi I’m Ashley,

I work with ambitious, high achieving women who feel they’ve lost themselves in the process of managing family, babies & career.  I help them reconnect to their centre and harness the feminine creative force within, so that they can create the life they truly crave.

about-element-collageBefore babies, husbands, work and whatever else preoccupied your time and energy, there was a centre within you that was undeniably rock solid.  You intuitively knew your plan, who you were and where you were going.

But between the busyness of balancing your life and career and trying to make sure everyone in your circle feels nourished, somewhere along the way you feel like you’ve lost something…


If you could just get you back, life would get so much easier.  Because if you were connected to your centre, you’d confidently know the right decisions to make to create the life you truly crave.

Instead, now you compare yourself to the mom across the street in the perfectly kept house who’s a size 2, wears the best labels, has a successful career that she seems to love, and makes raising 4 kids look effortless (How are her kids always so well-behaved AND wearing pants?!)

Even though you chose to balance work and family, you feel like you’re failing at being a mom & a successful career woman.

The truth is– you can have both.  And you can have both in a way that truly nourishes your soul and your family, without having to lose yourself and drive yourself crazy in the process

The answer to creating this balance is to become embodied.

Embodiment is the sweet spot where you’re connected to your centre & making decisions that are aligned with that centre.  When you create your life from this place, you are able to nourish your circle  without losing YOU.

And it’s not as hard to do as you might be thinking.

All it truly requires, is the willingness to come back to your Centre.

The Reason You Long To Come Back To Your Centre

That desire you have to come back to yourself?  The part you feel you’ve lost?

That’s actually a wise desire.

Because the reason you long to come back to your centre is because in your centre lies your feminine creative force.

Just like your body harnessed that creative force to create your children and birth them into the world, we can connect with and harness that feminine creative force to get clear on what you TRULY want, what actually nourishes you….and use it to create the life, family & career that you truly desire.

Instead of comparing yourself to what other people are doing.

Being a fertility specialist working with women for over 10 years allowed me an inside look into the creation and birth process that women are designed for ~ (ALL TYPES OF CREATION, not just babies) and what I saw there is that getting pregnant was so much more about women connecting to their centre and losing the comparison & perfectionism.

Once we lose those limiting habits, we are able to connect to our centre and open up to seeing the bigger vision that’s been waiting for us and our families.  We get clear on what we want and from that clarity we’re able to create the life we truly want.

As a woman, you have the innate ability to go inward and connect, which produces a ripple effect that serves to transform your life and everyone’s life around you.

How do you begin this process?

This Re-Connection begins from gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and why you’re the way you are.

In my fertility practice, helping women birth babies & the lives they wanted, I use The Five Elements of Chinese medicine.  Discovering your Element is confirmation of who you are as a person.

And in that, a life on your terms, (not what a glossy magazine tells you), awaits.

If you’re ready to go deeper to feel lighter, take the quiz below to discover your personal element,


Want to jump in and discover what your innate creative force is capable of?  Click here to find out how you can work with me.


Ashley's genuine heart and passion for healing is the medicine that makes her such a valuable assetKari Dunlop
Kari DunlopGlinda Girls
I will be forever grateful to Ashley for posting gorgeous photos on FB & IG of herself posing with lively women and wearing bright red lipstick. Following her online postings was like watching a stunning flower blossom. I wanted to know what she was doing and how I could get it for myself. Thus began my life altering work and sisterhood with Ashley. Ashley's combination of intuition and communication style helps my fiery nature grasp concepts while grounding me. She makes the information come alive. I absolutely love the elements work which reminds me to look to nature to become aligned, refuelled and nurtured. If you are looking for substance, depth and support in living a life embracing all aspects of yourself, working with Ashley's program is what you are looking for. I can't emphasize enough or put into words how much respect, admiration and love I have for this woman. My life is better because of her.Paula Jordan
Paula Jordan
Ashley brings integrity, intelligence and a heartfelt approach to her work. By living the principles that she teaches her clients, Ashley is a role model for modern women to create the life that they too are seeking.Jagdeep Johal
Jagdeep JohalAcupuncturist, Author
I admire Ashley for her ability to integrate rich intelligence, accurate intuition, & a warm heart into her career & personal life. She is deeply driven by growth. Because Ashley is constantly learning it makes it very easy to rise to your best self in her presence. Ashley's most liberating transformation that I have had the pleasure of witnessing is her expansion to be seen by the world & show sincere vulnerability in her brand as a doctor, mother, wife, woman, humanitarian, & dream weaver. Ashley's philanthropic nature promotes the welfare of others in a disarming, simple, awe-inspiring way. If you are fortunate enough to have her guide you on your journey you will be grateful you made the connection.Shannon McEwan
Shannon McEwanAuthor
I want to live in a world where love flows freely and wisdom runs deeply - the divine feminine is the way into this world. Ashley's radiant warmth and joyful presence will light the way. Gemma Stone
Gemma StoneSpeaker, Author, Psychologist
I frequently thank the universe for crossing my path with Ashley’s…there was an instant connection and I knew she was someone I needed more of in my life. Ashley is brilliant, compassionate, and someone everyone needs more of in their life…I am blessed and honored to know her and call her my friend.Kate Altman
Kate AltmanJewelry Designer

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