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Hi I’m Ashley Abbs, and I’m incredibly excited you’re here,

I’ve created this site as a sacred space for you to be who you are.

Not quite sure who that is any more? I totally get it.

Before I had my son Little E, I could answer that question without thinking twice.  I had been a Canadian National Level Competitive Ice Dancer and was successfully balance all the areas in my life.  While pregnant, I felt completely in tune with my body, my baby, and my life’s direction.  It was like I had the creative potential that was creating and growing my baby at my finger-tips, to create anything else I wanted in my life.

I was making magic happen right before my eyes.

And then I lost it.

My entry into motherhood was not a smooth one, I suffered from postpartum depression, I was lost, I felt like a stranger in my own body, I lost my focus and almost walked away from my thriving acupuncture practice.  At one point I thought that I was losing my mind.  All the while keeping up appearances, being there for my son the best that I could and taking care of my household.

I was letting my ideas of perfection sabotage me in believing that I wasn’t good enough.


And then I re-found my centre.  I began to reconnect with my studies of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, an ancient modality that’s been around for over 2,000 years and I remembered why this was so important to me.

When I first learned about the Five Elements through my teachers in acupuncture school, I deeply connected with my inner Earth Element and immediately felt like I was wrapped in a warm, soft blanket. Finally! There was something out there that got me.AA-about-2

Everything just made sense.

And while clawing my way out of the darkness nine months after I had my son, it still rang true.

Through immersing myself in the Five Elements again, I found that all of the creative force I had used before I had my son to manifest incredible things in my life, connected me to my inner knowing and my Earth  element.  Its become the foundation that I can always return to.

Ultimately, in this discovery, I found me again, with that same feminine creative potential that now makes magic happen again in my own life as well as the lives of my clients and family.

I now feel like a terrific mother, wife, friend, business woman, and doctor and I honour my unique gifts so that I am making a profound impact in my family and circles of influence.

And this is what I want for you along with every other women on this planet.

To feel at home, calm, and at peace with your place in this world.

If you’re ready to go within, and embody your creative potential I invite you to click here to view the different ways you can work with me.


ps: When not hanging out with my two favourite men (my son, nicknamed Little E and my husband), I can be found having deep meaningful philosophical conversations with my closest friends and peers, cooking, dancing, painting, moving on my Pilates reformer and #soulwalking with our puggle Lily.

I share my take on life and all things women’s health through stories, tips, and inspiration here at and I’m so excited that you’ve come to play with me. To make sure you don’t miss anything, I would love for you to sign up for updates.

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