Are you an Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, or Fire type?

Knowing the answer could transform your life.
In these pages, you will discover the world’s oldest personality test and a guide to understanding your unique Elemental alchemy.
Knowing your 5 Element type will help you:
·   Understand your gifts, challenges, and deepest insecurities
·   Embrace your intuition and make soulfully inspired decisions
·   Create supportive practices and rituals
·   Take steady steps toward your goals
·   Uncover new possibilities for your lifestyle, work, and relationships
In 5 Element Alchemy, author, teacher and Doctor of Acupuncture Ashley Abbs takes you on a journey of self-discovery using the ancient medicine of the 5 Elements. As you explore the different areas of life governed by the Elements – and use the tools, strategies, and writing prompts provided – you will access the great wisdom that resides within and learn how to create a life fueled by love and legacy.
Your adventure awaits!


Now out in paperback and e-book!


“Ashley Abbs brings together her wealth of personal and clinical experience with her passionate love for the Five Elements to create a treasure trove of practical healing wisdom. This book is a guide for the journey of transformation as well as a delight to read. It will be a valuable resource for anyone who is ready to create and live a rich and meaningful life of their own design. It will also benefit acupuncturists and other holistic healers who wish to support their patients in moving more deeply into their soul work.”

Lorie Dechar, L.Ac  Author of Five Spirits, The Alchemy of Inner Work, and Kigo

I was touched by the exquisite care and expertise that went into this labor of love. We all can use a little help understanding ourselves and our quirky little tendencies. It’s a whole other thing knowing how to honor them and cultivate our strengths. 5 Element Alchemy accomplishes this task in a scholarly and soulful way. Easy to read and navigate, it has all the elements – fresh, fun, sympathetic, well organized, and deeply insightful.”

Randine Lewis, PhD, L.Ac Author of The Infertility Cure and The Way of the Fertile Soul


Dr. Ashley Abbs is a writer, acupuncturist, spiritual embodiment mentor and the owner of TerraSana Health and Wellness Centre.

She graduated from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and completed her acupuncture studies at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) graduating as a doctor of acupuncture with an additional diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is also a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).

Drawing on her clinical experience and the medicine of the 5 Elements, when not in her private acupuncture practice, Ashley leads online courses and mentorships encouraging individuals to embrace their innate gifts, activate their intuition and embody their wholeness to create a life of love & legacy.

She currently lives in her home city of Calgary Alberta, Canada, with her husband and son.