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You deserve to wildly supported by your life.

To embody your true self and live in authentic expression of your souls knowing.
To remember that you are worthy, powerful, loved, creative & sacred.    
To feel alive and deeply connected to your purpose.

Except, the world is noisy, and it easily drowns out your ability to listen to your intuition.

You can feel the urgency of your soul craving transformation pushing up alongside your uncertainty and confusion about how to make that happen.
It’s exhausting, to constantly navigate what feels like 3 steps forward followed by one step back.
Leaving you feeling like in order for you to have one part of your life thriving, something else has to suffer and be left behind.

I want you to know that there is another way.

You really can have it all.
  • Work that is deeply satisfying.
  • Deeper levels of Intimacy and connection in your relationships
  • Taking exquisite care of your body and emotions.
  • The Confidence to trust yourself, your heart, your voice and your knowing that you are meant for something bigger.

If you’re ready to experience greater ease, grace & flow and unleash the trajectory of your life’s most profound dreams and desires.

Let me invite you to the portal of your greatest potential, Your 5 Element Alchemy.
Where we honour Who You Are and Why You Are the Way You Are, right now in this moment as well as the person you’re becoming.
Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. Empowering you to choose and cultivate a life of love and profound legacy.
It all starts with you being centre stage in your life. 

Your Steady Step Awaits…

Your Journey Inward Starts Here…

Love Notes

Working with the elements under Ashley’s guidance has allowed me to feel grounded in who I am and more accepting of my natural rhythms. I also came to understand how I’m affected by the elements of each season and as a result I’m more objective to my feelings. I can process and make room for my emotions without having them take over my day, week or even longer. With more emotional stability I am empowered to follow my dream of becoming a Life Coach. I’m able to apply this elemental lens when working with my clients which results in greater compassion. Now, I’ve begun to apply these same principles to my dating life which has been incredibly informative as I learn how my alchemy and others’ work together.

Tracy Griffiths
Tracy GriffithsIntuitive Coach & Spiritual Guide
Ashley shows us that the ancient mysteries of Chinese medicine are as alive today as they were 3,000 years ago. She shows us how to use these ancient ideas to live more vibrant, rich and fulfilling lives. She is a courageous, caring and deeply committed healer and teacher who walks her talk and isn’t afraid to speak her own mind.  Ashley has created great courses for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better!  Lorie Dechar
Lorie DecharAuthor & Alchemical Acupuncturist
The greatest gift that I received from working with Ashley and learning about the Elements is uncovering that I’M NOT CRAZY!! I am just a Fire-Water combo which means I have two very different elements that need to be nurtured.  This knowledge has also helped me be more compassionate toward myself and other people, seeing how their alchemies interact with mine. Embracing my Fire has empowered me to live without apology in all areas of my life, work and relationships.  I also love that I can instantly tune into the Elements to check in with myself, and if there’s anything out of alignment I have tools to work with to bring it back into harmony.  Its been so grounding for me and I use it in so many practical applications.  I feel so supported by this work, Thank you!Paula Jordan
Paula Jordan Provacateur

Before I began working with Ashley and the 5 elements I was feeling incredibly misunderstood and frustrated. I constantly felt like there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I work and show up in the world like everyone else? All while not wanting to do it their way in the first place. It just felt so out of step for me. The elements helped me embrace the fact that I’m a FIRE and as a Fire I need to step to the beat of my own drum – that’s who I am! I had always been told that my way was wrong or problematic so this was a revelation and truly empowering. I now feel as though I can finally give myself permission to do it MY way! The sovereignty and calm that I feel in knowing who I am and not needing to apologize for it has been EVERYTHING!! I am so much more compassionate and accepting of myself and those that I love.

Katrien Ruehmland
Katrien RuehmlandTransformational Coach
Ashley Abbs is a modern day medicine woman.  Modern day in that she is living a full life as a mother, wife, friend, acupuncturist/healer, and entrepreneur.  Medicine woman in that while doing all the things every busy woman does in her life, she has prioritized maintaining her connection to source and using her intellect to serve her constructively by mapping out the five elements as an accessible offering for all of us who didn’t have the extra time to go to acupuncture school for 4 years, practice for 10 years, etc.  Ashley has the magic touch where simply being in her presence or thinking of her inspires the remembering of how very important it is to attune to our natural rhythms as women and the natural rhythms of mother earth.  To learn from her is a blessing of incredible depth, height and width. These teachings will help you honour the journey you are on by connecting you to a long lineage of those who have also walked this path of embodied alchemy. Rochelle Schieck
Rochelle SchieckAuthor & Founder of Qoya

Transformation! That’s what everyone has seen in me since I started working with the elements and Ashley. I have two strong elements, Wood and Earth. My Earth wants to take care of anyone and everyone and I was doing that at the expense of my own needs without fully realizing it. This work has helped me start setting boundaries where I need to and it is so Liberating! And when a person is liberated they can move forward confidently in life. That confidence allowed my Wood element to reveal itself more fully and an exciting new career path has opened up that allows me to use my creative talents which is really exciting. I’m in such a better place through understanding and honouring the inherent needs of my alchemy. Everyone should learn about the 5 elements and invest in becoming their BEST self!

Shauna Thompson
Shauna Thompson
When I am all over the place, being too hard on myself, and lacking clarity, Ashley is the woman I reach out to. Her deeply intuitive nature, insight and advice leave me feeling clear, focused, and soothed.From the moment I met Ashley, I knew she would be a guiding light in my life. Her soft spoken nature is so soothing, and behind it lies the soul of a very wise woman.  Breanne Hull
Breanne HullEmotional Eating Coach

When I first started to work with Ashley and the 5 elements I had no idea what to expect, but it was nothing short of AMAZING! I went from feeling unsettled and having a complete lack of confidence in myself to being able to authentically say that I love me for me. I now feel empowered to surround myself with friends and clients that align with my core values and I’m no longer compromising who I am to make others happy. The whole process unfolded so organically. I am awestruck at every transition that happened and how it just naturally came to fruition leading me to live a life that I absolutely love!

Catherine Davis
Catherine Davis

My 5 element awakening centres around bringing the Fire back into my life. Before this work I wasn’t consciously aware of how much it had been stifled. The elements gave me the framework to think about what I valued and wanted out of life. They re-lit that spark to the parts of me that had been long forgotten. And once that spark was ignited everything in my life took a new and exciting path all on its own! I didn’t even have to try, it just all fell into place once I honoured my Alchemy’s needs. I reclaimed ME!

Andrea Englehart
Andrea Englehart

The shift that has occurred for me through the process of working with Ashley and the 5 elements is night and day. Before I was feeling lost and unsure of any sort of direction or where to go next. My relationships were disconnected and my business was stalled. In the process of understanding my Alchemy and the natural evolution of the elements I was able to uncover who I really am, along with how to honour my natural ways of being through connection and flow so that I can create a life that I love. As a result, I am creating a business that is inspired by my gifts and IT’S GROWING!! Not to mention my connection with my kids and husband has deepened. We’re so much healthier emotionally as I can look to our Alchemies to help understand and support us. The value of being able to turn inward for my answers instead of looking externally has been such a gift.

Deanne Robertson
Deanne Robertson A Divine Expression

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