The Element Quiz

Are you ready to take a stand for “Who You Are?”
Take the 5 Element Quiz to understand “Why You Are The Way You Are” with the wisdom of the world’s oldest Personality Type System.
Are you a Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, or Fire?
Perhaps, your Individual Alchemy is a combination of a couple of elements.
By taking this simple quiz your 5 Element Type will be revealed and an in-depth Free Guide will be on it’s way to your inbox to show you what it all means.
Every answer you’ve been looking for can likely be found within this beautiful model of Health, Wellbeing and Psychology.
The 5 elements are a gateway to a deeper understanding of “Who You Are.” and how you show up in the world.
It all makes sense when you know your Element Type and how all of the elements manifest themselves within you.
Knowing this information can help you relax into a greater knowing of yourself and provide the stepping stones to fulfilling your innermost desires while creating a beautiful life of love and legacy.
Get started below.

What colour makes you feel like you are expressing yourself best?

What is your favourite Season?

What time of day are you at your best?

What are your innate gifts?

During troubling times you're prone to?

What does your voice sound like?

What Inspires You?

How do you relax?

What's your strongest mental ability?

To which physical weakness are you prone?

What is your Emotional Tendency in Overwhelm?

Do you like to try new things, or experience change?

Do you like to socialize?

What quality defines your emotional expression best?

People that know you would describe you as?

My Preferences for group work and projects?

What feeling is most dominant in you?

What quality do you value most in yourself?

What quality do you value most in others?

With which quality do you have the most difficulty?

With which quality of yours do your friends and family have difficulty?

What qualities help you in your vocation?

What are your dominant qualities?

Your ideal way to move your body?

Your ideal vacation would be?