Get The 5 Element Alchemy Guidebook

In this Guidebook You Will:
Take the 5 Element Quiz a 2000 year old personality test and reveal your 5 Element Alchemy and key to Why You Are The Way You Are
Identify your Innate Elemental Potential and Embrace Your Strengths.
Understand your Element Types deficiencies so you can stop trying to be something your not.
And so much more…
Hey There!
I’m Dr. Ashley Abbs
I’m a Doctor of Acupuncture, Writer Speaker, Mentor and Mother.
I’m also an Earth Element with a strong Water Secondary and a little spark of Fire.
Over the last 13 years I’ve worked in my health clinic TerraSana Health where I’ve helped hundreds of patients engage their own body’s healing ability and intuition to create the life of their desires.
I’ve experienced first hand how revealing your Inner Alchemy and embodying the 5 Elements can heal and consolidate the parts of you that feel fragmented and restore wholeness to manifest your dreams into reality.
Fostering my Elemental Alchemies virtues and gifts has allowed me to create a practice that supports my inner alignment, form right relationship between my roles as a mother, wife & entrepreneur, all while making space to guide others to create change and transformation in their relationships, work, practices and self.
Everything has opened up for me and I want that for you too.