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Simply Put, I Help Women Become Embodied

What does that mean exactly?
the definition of Embodied comes from the root word Embody (em . bod. ee): To be an expression of or give a tangible or visible for to (an idea, quality, or feeling)
I help you find your centre amongst the chaos, rediscover and nurture your unique talents and strengths.  I help you reconcile your heart so that you no longer feel like you’re choosing between your family and your work.  When you do this you open yourself up to so much more serendipity and opportunities.
Becoming EMBODIED allows you to embrace and harness your creative potential to create the life of your dreams.
You know the one, that life you think about but keep to yourself and are afraid to voice out loud.
An EMBODIED life is how you will create and leave your beautify legacy.  An EMBODIED life is one that lets you and your family live by your own design.
See below for options to work with me on becoming EMBODIED.

Nurtured: 1-1 Mentorship for Heart-Centred Ambitious Women


The answers you seek are within you.

They are calling you to share the unique expression of medicine that only YOU can share.  Together you, me and the Divine will co-create a sacred container to nurture and support your ability to trust in your inner wisdom and the steady steps that bring you home to embody your wholeness and create a life that you love. Fully aligned with your soul.

5 Element Alchemical Acupuncture

My Acupuncture practice fuels my heart and soul. Located in the Inner city of Calgary AB I dedicate my acupuncture practice at TerraSana Health to support each patient to engage her own body’s innate healing ability and create the life of their desires.

My methods utilize the wisdom of Chinese medicine through the lens of 5 Element Philosophy combined with an in-depth understanding of western medicine and modern psychology, herbalism, clairvoyance and energy healing to curate a deeply sacred, transformational and encouraging environment to create individualized sessions designed specifically for you to achieve optimal wellness.

Embodied Elements Collective

A Monthly Membership to Inspire Reverence, Devotion & Awakening of Your Inner Wisdom with the 5 Elements.

A soulful community for heart-centred creatives & healers that unite to remember their wholeness, through connection to the 5 Elements, their cyclical seasonal guidance and potent medicine of nature.

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