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If you’ve found yourself here. Trust that its for a reason.

You’ve been initiated into the next evolution of your life and healing.
Your work, relationships, values and purpose are all shifting.
You’re feeling called to be nurtured and supported with attuned presence and devotional practices as you cultivate time and space to allow who you’re becoming to be fully expressed out in the world.
Your next steady step…
Is to journey inward, to explore your inner alchemy.  Follow your curiosity, listen to your heart, anchor into your knowing & embody your souls call for transformation.

The path to cultivating a life fuelled by love & legacy, starts now.

Work with Ashley One – on – One

Inner Alchemy Session

Take your understanding of your 5 Element Type to the next level with an Inner Alchemy Session. 
A 5 Element Type Reading combined with Coaching to gain clarity on how to apply your innate gifts to your life, work & relationships and create a life you love.

Acupuncture for Your Soul

5 Element Alchemical Acupuncture Sessions with Ashley.
These sessions help you align with your souls deeper knowing and regain trust and confidence in your own capabilities at all levels: Body, Mind & Soul.
Located in the Inner city of Calgary AB for individuals that live in the Calgary area and surrounding communities.