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Simply Put, I Guide You To Your Wholeness
To embody your true self and live in authentic expression of your souls blueprint.
To remember that you are worthy, powerful, loved, creative & sacred.
To honour Who You Are and Why You Are The Way You Are, right now in this moment as well as the person you’re becoming.
To transform the ordinary into extraordinary through practical steady steps and shifts.
To create a life of love and profound legacy by your own design.
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Inner Alchemy Session

Take your understanding of your 5 Element Type to the next level with an Inner Alchemy Session. 
A 5 Element Type Reading combined with Coaching to gain clarity on how to apply your innate gifts to your life, work & relationships and create a life you love.

Acupuncture for Your Soul

5 Element Alchemical Acupuncture Sessions with Ashley.
These sessions help you align with your souls deeper knowing and regain trust and confidence in your own capabilities at all levels: Body, Mind & Soul.
Located in the Inner city of Calgary AB for individuals that live in the Calgary area and surrounding communities.