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I’m here to help you remember that.

On the other side of this initiation to aligning your medicine & offerings with your soul is the life and practice that connects you to the potency of your medicine and greatest impact as a healer.

Together lets co-create a life of profound love and legacy.

1:1 Mentoring ~ Soulful Strategy for Health Practitioners

5 Elements To A Soul-Led Practice


Soulful Strategy Sessions are catalyst for those of you that feel called to awaken your intuition and align your Practices & Platforms to your Soul’s Purpose.

These sessions are here to reignite the spark to create more opportunities for your souls expansion and expression to do “your” work in the world aligned to who you are and in a way that is authentic and done with integrity to both your scope of practice and your souls knowing. .

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The Embodied Alchemy Mentorship ~ 5 Elements to a Soul-Led Life


Are you called to awake the healer within and step into a new embodied level of leadership.

Within a sacred 10 month container that blends philosophy, Western & Eastern Medicine, personal development, self-love, and community through the lens of the 5 Elements.

You are invited to open yourself up to your desires and inner wisdom to embody your unique capabilities as the powerful healer that you are.  To create a life and practice that is in accordance with your souls mandate.

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Embodied Wealth ~ 5 Elements & Essential Oils

Combing my knowledge and years of practice as an acupuncturist, herbalist alchemist and business owner, I wish to extend an invitation to you to bring essential oils into your life because they have changed me on every level – physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

A personal interest of mine is in mentoring and supporting practitioners of various healing modalities to build successful passive income streams through DoTERRA’s Direct Sales ethically, responsibly, authentically and within their individual scopes of practice.

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Acupuncture & 5 Element Life Design

My Acupuncture practice fuels my heart and soul and for Calgary and surrounding area women.  I dedicate my acupuncture practice at TerraSana Health to support each patient to engage her own body’s innate healing ability and create the life of their desires.

I assist my clients to regain trust and confidence in their own body’s capabilities as well as, identify the tools and practices required to cultivate the healing of their whole self. My methods utilize the wisdom of Chinese medicine through the lens of 5 Element Philosophy combined with an in-depth understanding of western medicine and modern psychology, herbalism, clairvoyance and energy healing to curate a deeply sacred, transformational and encouraging environment to create individualized sessions designed specifically for you to achieve optimal wellness.

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