Devotional Tools For Heart Opening



It comes as no surprise, summer and Fire season is not a favourite of mine. The heat messes with my body and my head and my instinct is to close up, hunker down and isolate in the coolest place I can find.

My reaction is the complete opposite of what this season and its medicine is about. An invitation to open up, expand, connect and communicate. I tend to want none of it do to the extremity of heat.

Especially when the heart feels fragile, as mine does right now. Still very much harrowing from the loss of my dad. My chest feels as though it has a huge gaping wound and opening to be vulnerable feels very unsafe.

So what am I to do? For the first few weeks of the season, my inclination felt appropriate, but then instead of feeling safe, I was beginning to feel stuck, apathetic and overwhelmed. Something had to open and let off the pressure.

I had to open the gate. In Chinese medicine this is a metaphor regarding the San Jiao (Triple Warmer) one of the hearts protectors that brings about an image of a drawbridge. It holds the capacity to discern what comes into and out from the temple.

The point San Jiao 5 more specifically helps to maintain flow between our inner landscape and the outer world. Allowing the heart to both receive information and also share in a supportive way. Walking that fine line of being vulnerable and protected with ease and grace.

To work with this, I applied the essential oil Spikenard to this point, located just 2 thumb widths above my wrist on the outer part of my arm, and in meditation practiced the mudra for the San Jiao Channel which is to have your arms in front of you, elbows bent and palms facing inward and then like a bridge bringing the palms downward to be open in front of you.

Spikenard if you’re unfamiliar with this somewhat spicy oil is governed by the Fire Element, relative of the Valerian family and often referenced in the gospels discussing Mary Magdalene, It helps support themes of stability, faith and surrender. It calms the mind, (Shen) and the Ethereal Soul (Hun), down-regulates the nervous system, soothes anxiety and instills peace.

There are several other appropriate oils that you can choose to work with this point and the Fire Element in itself, however I chose this one in particular, even though I don’t love the smell. (Its growing on me as I continue to work with it) is because it also helpful in the recovery of loss.

Thankfully with devotion and time, I can feel the shift. Its subtle, but after a few weeks, its just enough to feel as though I can be in better relationship with the outside world. The bogginess in my head has subsided and I can feel inspiration and creativity begin to come back into life. Its as if I have been able to reconnect with my muse and I can actually share words, healing, and myself a little bit more.

And with that a few changes coming, to how I use the 5 Elements to relate to life and how to utilize them for transformation. More to come on this soon.

In the meantime if you would like to play with this point, its mudra or oils, let me know how it goes.

Until next time… You can also check out these writing prompts to help support you during this time.

Writing Prompts:

How am I feeling during this Fire Season?

Where do I feel inclined to protect myself and my heart?

Where to I feel inclined to open up to share and receive?

What feels like a healthy balance of vulnerability and protection for me at this time?





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