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I’m Dr. Ashley Abbs
I’m a Doctor of Acupuncture, Writer, Mentor & Mother.
I’m also an Earth Element with a strong Water Secondary.  And lets not forget that little spark of Fire
This digital space is where I teach and share my love for the 5 Elements and how by understanding your Element Alchemy this expansive depth of your own inner knowing opens up for you to access your most authentic potential to assist you in creating a life of Love & Legacy.
Tapping into the depths of what this medicine can offer you, simply by fully acknowledging and accepting who you are, and why you are the way you are, steady steps, and serendipitous moments begin to show up and support your greatest aspirations. Even when it feels hard (because life isn’t always cupcakes and unicorns), the Elements provide the foundation and pathway for you to come back home to your centre, to be reminded of your innate worthiness and wholeness.
With Full permission to be who I am. My Earth, which makes me a natural nurturer, perfect for the type of work that I do teaching and supporting clients both in my clinic and in online groups. Is also the reason why I prefer to be home with my family, gravitating to comfort and an even no drama pace.
A lover of philosophy, psychology, deep conversation about the intricacies of the universe and human relationships is deeply rooted in my Water. On top of that, it makes me a dreamer, conceptualizing the big picture. Spending time by myself to integrate and take in all of the information that I collect is a non-negotiable requirement in my daily life. This allows me to get clear and know deep in my gut when its time to leap beyond my Earthy comfort zone.
And that little bit of Fire, it served me well in my former life when I was a National Competitive Ice Dancer, commanding attention at centre stage. Now it shows up when I’m teaching or speaking in front of audiences sharing my passion for this work & medicine that I love.  (pictured below is me performing way back when).
Knowing who I am, and fostering my Elemental Alchemies virtues and gifts has allowed me to create a practice that supports my inner alignment, form right relationship between my roles as a mother, wife & entrepreneur, all while making space to guide others to create change and transformation in their relationships, work, practices and self.
Everything has opened up for me,
I feel calm, empowered, sovereign and alive. I feel whole.
And I want that for you too,
The world needs your gifts, your presence and your unique medicine.
If you’re ready to go within, embody your truest potential and reveal your innate wisdom I invite you to click here to view the different ways you can work with me.

My Fancy Official Credentials:

I’m a registered Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the College and Association of Acupuncturist of Alberta in Canada (its the reason why you will read the British spelling in my writing).
I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2003 and completed my Acupuncture studies in 2006 graduating from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
I become the first fellow in Alberta of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine in 2010.
I’m also the owner and Doctor of TerraSana Health, a health centre dedicated to the education and empowerment of every patient to engage their own body’s innate healing ability and create the life of their desires. To learn more about my Acupuncture Alchemical Sessions click here.

And A Little About My Private Life…

When not hanging out with my two favourite men (my son, nicknamed E and my husband), I can be found having deep meaningful philosophical conversations with friends and peers (ahem, WATER), cooking, dancing, painting, moving on my Pilates reformer and walking our loveable puggle Lady Lily.
If you want a BTS look into my life and some of my quirks; click herehere, here & here. My 20 things about me is one of my most popular blog series.
I’m so excited that you’ve come to connect with me. I cannot wait to see how getting to know your Elemental Alchemy is going to help support you in your dreams.
If you want to get started right away. Click the REVEAL MY ELEMENT button to discover what your Dominant Element is and what it all means.

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