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Love Letters & 5 Element Devotions To Help You Remember That You Are Wise, Wild, Creative, Nurturing and Ambitious. So That You Can Surrender The Overwhelm & Create A Life That You Love.

Hey There!
I’m Dr. Ashley Abbs
I’m a Doctor of Acupuncture, Writer Speaker, Mentor and Mother.
I’m also an Earth Element with a strong Water Secondary and a little spark of Fire.
You will learn what all of that means over the course of our 7 days together.
For right now, I want you to know that you can have it all.  Its possible to surrender the overwhelm and feeling lost that has come in as a result of managing your family, career and the 100 things that are on your TO DO list.
Everything you need is within you.
Let me show you how to access and embody your elemental potential to create a life you love!