Fertility Acupuncture

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Our Speciality:

Extra Pink Lines and Healthy Pregnancies

It is our greatest honour and joy to assist our clients in conceiving, and supporting their pregnancy with ease and optimal receptivity.
Our Fertility Enhancement Programs are designed to take the guesswork and confusion out of the “Trying” to getting pregnant. There is so much information out there, and it can be challenging to navigate the best possible options for you, your body and your dreams of a baby and family.
At TerraSana we work with you to facilitate your body in achieving optimal health while tending to your heart and mind as you create an openness to the possibility of what’s to come.
We do this by identifying the specific factors that might be inhibiting your fertility both physically and/or emotionally, we can then utilize natural therapies to correct them so that pregnancy can occur.
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can effectively assist couples pursuing their unique fertility journey thru:
– Natural Conception
– Complimentary Fertility Medicine
– Enhancing Advanced Reproductive Techniques (IUI and IVF)
Together we can:

“Keep the Dream and Let Go of the Struggle”

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and The Living Fertile Method:

At TerraSana Health our Fertility Enhancement Program utilizes Dr. Abbs’ signature Living Fertile Method along with 5 Element Transformational Healing Sessions to optimize your body for a natural or assisted conception and full-term pregnancy.
In our experience, few women are actually infertile, in fact most women who have difficulty conceiving are simply experiencing an imbalance to their health or menstrual cycle that requires attention prior to conception happening. As the body comes into alignment and balance is achieved, the ability to conceive and stay pregnant becomes possible.
The following are some of the western diagnoses that can be treated with Acupuncture and TCM:
• Advance Maternal Age
• Amenorrhea
• Anovulation
• Autoimmune Thyroid
• Elevated FSH Levels
• Endometriosis
• Immunologic Infertility
• Implantation Failure
• Luteal Phase Defect
• Male Factor Infertility
• Ovarian Cysts, PCOS
• Recurrent Miscarriage
• Unexplained Infertility
• Uterine Fibroids
Our Fertility Enhancement Programs are designed to support your body’s innate intelligence and harmonize the delicate balance of your menstrual cycle.

This is the right place if you:

• You wish to cultivate a pregnancy with support, ease and consciousness
• You have been trying to get pregnant and the fact that it hasn’t happened yet is leaving you frustrated and stressed out.
• Your Menstrual cycle/hormones are a mess and they seem to run your life.
• You suffer from PCOSEndometriosisHashimotos’, High FSH, Poor Ovarian Reserve,  Recurrent Pregnancy Loss etc.
• You have suffered a miscarriage recently and want to work through your grief so that you can start over again.
• You have done EVERYTHING! Acupuncture, Herbs, Gluten Free, Yoga, etc.. You name it you’ve done it, but it’s always left you asking “Why is this not happening?”
• You know everything that you need to do to but sabotage yourself from being able to put it together.
• You are considering/wait-listed for fertility treatments (IUI/IVF) and want to have more support navigating these options while enhancing your fertility before committing to these next steps.
• You are starting your cycle of IUI or IVF and want to be supported through the process from the start of your drug protocol through to Transfer day and beyond.
• You’ve exhausted your efforts with Reproductive Medicine and Want to give it another shot naturally
• You want to work through the process of moving on.
• You experienced postpartum depression from your last pregnancy and want to provide a container of self-care and support as you embark on another pregnancy
If you answered Yes to any of the above then we would love to discuss how Dr. Abbs can help.

How does it work?

While every woman’s needs and health history is individual, the general rule of thumb is 3-6 months of treatment is required prior to a natural or assisted conception. A 3-month minimum is the time it takes to balance and regulate the reproductive system so that healthy eggs are produced.
5 Element Transformational Sessions are typically performed weekly and Chinese herbal formulas and supplement suggestions are added to further support and balance the body.
But First, we can get started with a Free 15 minute Phone Consultation where Dr. Abbs can hear your story and together we can discuss how she can assist you in letting go of the struggle and fulfilling your dream of pregnancy and a baby.
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