Postpartum Acupuncture

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Postpartum Acupuncture

Once your little one arrives most of everyone’s attention is appropriately focused on your new baby, it is essential to remember:
Healthy and Happy Mama = a Healthy and Happy Baby.
The two go together. The transition into motherhood is a glorious and indescribable experience, but it’s important that women continue to nurture that sprit and energy that got them to this place. It doesn’t just go away until you want to call on it again when you want another child. Your body has been through a tremendous amount of stress; Sleep loss, blood loss, hormonal shifts, and nursing can leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. Your body, mind and spirit need to recover
The main part of conscious parenting that gets forgotten is the self-care that is required for mothers. Our sessions are left wide open and directions are based on the individual needs that you require support in.
During our Treatments, we have the opportunity to address the physical symptoms and complaints that occur at Postpartum. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been used to successfully treat:
• Insufficient lactation
• Termination of lactation
• Mastitis
• Excessive bleeding
• Postpartum depression
• Fainting
• Fatigue
Thyroid and endocrine imbalances
• Calm New-Mom Anxiety
• C-Section Recovery
• Hormone Regulation

One of the major benefits of our sessions that has been invaluable to my patients is that we also get a chance to talk, In this time we can:

• Nutrition and supplement advice to support you through breastfeeding and/or bringing your body back to balance.
• Labour Recovery, natural tips and self-care, or directions to find appropriate practitioners to help you get your body feeling well quicker.
• Breastfeeding support, (for something so natural, it’s not the experience for a lot of new mothers) I am that shoulder you can confide in on how it’s going. Together we can decide how to best find support for you to achieve the experience you are wanting.
• Bonding with Baby: You had an amazing pregnancy and felt well. connected throughout. Now he or she is here and everything is new.
• Direction on Movement, and getting back into your skinny jeans, all while having baby along.
• You, your Partner + Baby makes three, how to keep your relationship strong and nurtured while navigating your new lives
• Identifying postpartum depression and anxiety finding the appropriate avenues of care.
• Advise on natural care for your children, home-made baby food, home remedies for teething, colds, etc.

Treatment Suggestion and Frequency:

The frequency of sessions is flexible to ensure you get the attention that you need. If symptoms are acute and require immediate attention it will be advised to establish a weekly treatment until issues have alleviated. When this occurs, most Mama’s establish a treatment every 4-6 weeks to ensure balance and self-care are made a priority.