Spend A Little Time With Your Soul,

Let Your Pen Flow

A Sacred, Devotional, Soul-Led Writing Experience

Together let’s gather and celebrate the initiations of Summer and the medicine of the Fire Element.
Our June Writing Retreat will…
Allow the sparks of inspiration surface,
Honour your soul through deep listening,
Connect to your innermost desires &
Write your heart out!

We Overcomplicate Our Relationship to Writing,

These Writing Retreats are Designed To Help Your Words and Knowing Flow Onto Your Page!

Summer Solstice & Fire Element Writing Retreat

Sunday June 26th @ 9:30 – 11:30 AM MT
Together we will unite in sacred ceremony, connect with our inner knowing, move our bodies and WRITE!
I will be sharing the wisdom of the Fire Element and how it can help facilitate your writing and allow your soul to speak up and lead the way to a life of love & legacy.



Price is in USD
A recording will be available for all participants following the retreat.
Option to apply the fee to the Sacred Words program Available, Post Retreat.
No previous writing experience required!
Due to the nature of this offering There Are No Refunds Available

Ashley Abbs

I work with women, entrepreneurs, leaders, healers, coaches and creatives who are ambitious and devoted to honouring their dreams. Supporting them to take centre stage and amplify their vision out in the world.
Through my own transformation and years of studying the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine and Women’s Health I’ve been mentoring thousands of women over 15+ years to transform the ordinary into extraordinary and remember WHO THEY ARE & WHAT THEY WANT! Right now in this moment and the person they’re becoming.
Empowering them to choose and cultivate a life of love and profound legacy!