Creating Physical Space for Your Dreams

A spark of inspiration is lit. You desire something, a feeling, an outcome, a vision, the life of your dreams. That spark then begins to unfold at your feet more and more ideas begin to reveal themselves.

They just keep flowing and you can barely contain your excitement maybe its hard to fall asleep with all of the possibilities that are wafting through your head.
And then…

Did the inspiration end there? Or did you allow it the opportunity to be taken in and crystallized within your body to be brought into the physical realm?

Did you speak it aloud to anyone in your circle of influence?

Did you make energetic space for it by shifting your priorities to allow it some room to percolate?

Or did you allow it to take up physical space in your world?

If you didn’t thats okay, it happens to all of us, even me. Holding our desires close, protecting them. Because lets face it a lot of times we need to.

But I got to say there is something about letting the dream out of that closely held barrier and allowing it to take up a little more room thats magical.

And I know, that can be scary, because what if you fail? What if it doesn’t work out? And to that I’m going to share the same advise I tell my patients that are too scared to hope anymore for a pregnancy, having lost or been disappointed over and over again.

Its not going to hurt any more or less, regardless if you let yourself hope and love the potential than if you don’t. If it doesn’t happen, its still going to suck, you’re going to cry your heart out, and once again you may consider starting over.

Its a tough one to navigate, no matter if your dream is a baby, a business, or practice, or what feels like an elusive book deal. Not allowing yourself the opportunity to really want and go for it, doesn’t protect you the way you think it will.

This past week, I had the opportunity when speaking with my mentor to talk about the things that I most wanted to come true in this next chapter of my life. A full practice that has the perfect mix of patients, and 1:1 mentoring sessions, teaching, and THE BOOK..

I had thought I was doing a pretty good job in making space for each of these, but realized I was getting myself stuck because while I feel good about talking about each of these areas the space in my home wasn’t reflecting my desires.

To paint you a picture, my practice runs front and centre. In my clinic I have 4 rooms that I can work out of, but having restructured my practice a few years ago, I don’t use them all. So one room sat empty. When I would walk by the room, being sensitive to the energy it felt stagnant. I felt bad that I was leaving it unused and yet I didn’t want to fill it with another patient.

At this same time, my writing and research was overwhelming my house. I schlepped books all over the place making me feel unorganized and left me feeling like I had no sacred intentions as to when I would write and when I wouldn’t. I was treating it like a hobby when in fact it was something that is important to me.

Again, I was reminded of a question that I often ask my fertility clients. What do you keep in what would be the babies room? The answer is usually boxes, and things that they don’t want to deal with. They often comment that they ignore that room as much as they can because it makes them feel bad that it hasn’t fulfilled its intention as of yet. I encourage them to breathe new life into the room, and I don’t mean buying all of the baby things, but something that invites them to spend time in the room. For many of them it becomes a place for an altar for their desires along with an invitation to their child, some meditate or do yoga in that room, maybe read books and drink tea.

When I dream of what it looks like me writing books and planning new offerings I see this beautiful office. So on a Monday morning after I dropped E off at school I decided it was time for my writing to take up physical space. A room that I didn’t share with either my family or my patients, that was just for me. I’m surrounded by my books, my altar, a desk and a comfy chair that I can make space to make this writing thing the real deal.

So I broke down the largest treatment room, gave myself permission to only have 3 treatment rooms because thats all I require, each one getting used and having energy move through them, and I Ashley the writer gets to have adequate space to work alongside Ashley the practitioner, mentor and teacher.

I can’t really explain how profound this action in allowing myself to take up space that honours my full self. All I can say is that it is life changing, and once again the words are flowing My dreams have space to live outside my head to co-create my next steady step with me.

So I bring the questions back to you. What inspiration needs to be further crystallized into your life and body? How can you bring it into form in a small or really big way?

Trust the steady step as it comes and take the inspired action that it requires.





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