Stuck In A Season?

The Metal Element is placed at the end of the cycling of Elements, and with it, there is an initiation to release and bring to completion all things that are not needed in preparation for the new cycle to come with the onset of Water.

Easier said than done, as its so easy for us to get stuck in a mode of being, a belief or a story and it is awfully difficult to just let it go and trust that you won’t need it on your next journey.

Theres safety, in carrying a few extra bags around, I can hear my mother yelling just take an extra sweater.

Just in case you need it.

Just in case, I need to jump back to whats familiar.

Just in case, I change my mind…

Except if I hold on to what is meant to be closed and released, I’m fooling myself in thinking that I’m really stepping forward into the new. Its kind of like I have my fingers crossed behind my back.

The unknown, the journey that I haven’t yet travelled, in all of its foreignness, requires that I transition from the season I’m in to the new one.

It means that I look squarely in the mirror at all of the patterns that I have laid out to sabotage my next steps and say enough. It’s time.

Perhaps its the Earth/Water in me that likes to start something, figure it out, and then let it fizzle out without ever finishing. Never really taking it the whole way. I get squirmy as I reach that last 10%. I know what I need to do to take it over the finish line to completion, but man I like to draw it out.

The effort is so much more just to get it to the end. This pattern is evident in much of my life and practice, and it has become even more clear as I complete another chapter of my book.

I handed another one into my editor this past week, and as I drew out the last 700 words out for 4 days past what was really required, I decided to finally look at this last 10% thing and see it for what it really is.

Completion means, I am no longer just writing, and saying i’m writing without having someone else’s eyes read it. Right now, I’m not really open for criticism or even praise. I’m just a wanna be “writer” right now, and here in this space of incomplete, I get to commiserate in the struggle of word counts and ugh trying to place all of the ideas. Except at some point, I have to be willing to let myself shift from that, to a completed manuscript, and then to whatever comes after that.

It has to, I have to, because not allowing this cycle to move thru into the next will eventually stagnate and halt everything which is a recipe for a deep angry heartbreak on the soul level. So I have a goal. Its a bit of a stretch, I have limited time for the last 10% business, but here it goes. I want a finished manuscript by the end of this year.
Okay its out there…Now its your turn.

The Metal Element, invites each of us to investigate what is ready to be brought to its completion so that we may move into the next season and evolution of ourselves.

Are you being asked to let go of the hustle to experience flow?

Transition from maiden to mother, or perhaps mother to crone?

Maybe from the student to the practitioner maybe even a level of mastery?

Perhaps its the transition is more subtle than any of those. Either way, this is the perfect time to ask yourself whats required to make the transition possible?

And lets not forget, it doesn’t have to be a huge struggle. Its possible that it can occur with ease, grace and flow.





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