An Online Devotional Writing Container for Seekers, Healers & Heart-Centred Individuals who:

~ Want to write, (maybe a book, or just for yourself.)
~ Want to amplify and strengthen your voice
~ Are willing to let the writing process be a Soul-Led initiation for self discovery and healing.
~ Want to deepen your devotion to your souls knowing and intuition through words.
~ Want to be supported as you learn to trust yourself and that what you say, write & share matters.
~ Feel a call within that knows that you are meant to share your story.

Heres the simple truth.

Writers have to write.
Artist’s need to make art.
Your soul requires the freedom to express itself in a sacred way.
Writing and journalling is a portal to your souls wisdom and an exercise in strengthening your voice.
It’s a practice, the more you do it the more confident you become.
Through devotion and the inspired action of putting pen to paper or your fingers to keys, your creativity becomes supported and you begin to trust yourself and your skill.

When this happens, It’s pure magic.

Writing prompts that provoke self-discovery expedite the unlearning of stories or beliefs that persist about who you are and what it means to be someone who writes.
All the places where you feel you needed to censor yourself and your words are given a place to breathe and be seen.  So that you may cultivate a new relationship with your words.
Allowing writing to be a spiritual practice of dedication and devotion to you and your soul, you’re able to check in and hear your wisdom more clearly. Unlocking your specific rhythm and flow so that you may share your voice as its meant to be expressed.
Your sacred words will be the road map that allow you to fully express yourself and create a soul-led life.

Sacred Words is a Devotional Writing Program To Support Your Creativity

How It Works:

In choosing this container to support your devotional writing practice you will receive:

Membership Community

Hosted on Mighty Networks, Available for access on your computer, tablet and phone.

Writing prompts:

Every Sunday you will receive exclusive members only writing prompts to initiate your self discovery and invoke an opportunity for your soul to reveal itself through writing.
Together we will explore 10+ themes related to the 5 elements, seasons, archetypes, our emotional landscape, the various cycles and phases of our lives, the Divine Feminine & Masculine and so much more!

Monthly Live Q + A:

Every month you will get an opportunity to ask me anything.
About the 5 Elements, seasons  & cycles, Chinese Medicine, transformational healing practices, the different themes and archetypes that we will explore through our most recent prompts, along with my personal writing process.
There really isn’t anything that is off limits here.

Seasonal Writing Retreats:

Let’s write together as there is magic in community. This is an opportunity to experience your writing practice as a spiritual experience. We will create an altar, engage in ritual and write what needs to be written in accordance with your soul. A minimum of 5 retreats are scheduled per year. (value $111/retreat)

Bonus Masterclasses

BTS of Book Writing (Coming soon)
Editing & Publishing Your Book Q+A with Professional Editor (Coming soon)

Additional Supports:

I will also be weaving in the medicine of the 5 Elements, meditations, movement rituals and ceremony curated specifically to support the writing needs of our collective. As well as advice and insight on how to share your writing, start your book project, and behind the scenes of my own writing process and my experiences with editing and publishing.


Sacred Words Devotional Writing

Beta Pricing Pay In Full

$444 usd

*save $52

Sacred Words Devotional Writing

BETA Pricing Payment Plan

4 payments $ 124 usd

*Billed monthly
Due to the nature of this program being offered in a digital format, there are no refunds.

About Ashley

Ashley is a writer, acupuncturist, embodiment mentor and the owner of TerraSana Health and Wellness Centre.
She’s the author of 5 Element Alchemy: Use Your 5 Element Type to Embrace Your Gifts & Create A Life You Love. It is available at book retailers worldwide.
Ashley has been in private acupuncture and coaching practice for 15+ years and draws on her clinic experience and the medicine of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine to assist her clients to embrace their innate gifts, activate their intuition and embody their wholeness to create a life of love & legacy.


I want to write, but I never seem to find the time. How will this help me? 
The beauty of the weekly prompts is that they aren’t going anywhere. This container is for you to begin to initiate your own relationship with writing and the process of writing.  You get to choose how you engage with the weekly prompts.
You may decide sit with them every Sunday and write your heart out, or allow the prompt to roll around in your awareness over the course of the week until the words just can’t help themselves but be expressed and written down. You may choose to block off time during our monthly writing retreat and let the appropriate prompt for you in that moment pop out and ask to be given attention. There is no right or wrong way to do this.
In time, writing regularly will weave itself into your schedule and when it does it will feel like pure magic.
What if I fall behind? 
The great thing is that there is no “behind” – we work in the present moment and that’s where you are. Even if you miss a couple of weeks you can just come right back into the fold without skipping a beat.
All Q + A and Writing retreats will be recorded and available to you. so that you may listen and participate on your own time.
How long do I get access to this program an it’s materials?
Upon payment, you will receive lifetime access to the course materials for the lifetime of the course.
I have a specific writing project started already, can this support me in getting done? 
Absolutely, you can choose to use this devotional writing container to help support and steward your writing project to completion.  The weekly writing prompts can be a catalyst for new content or a practice of getting your words flowing and be in deeper connection to your authentic voice.  The writing retreat is also a potent container to deepen your commitment to your project.
Why Is it currently being offered at BETA Pricing, What does that mean?
At this time Sacred Words is being offered at an introductory price, the price will increase significantly at a later date: TBA.
Simple answer to why is that the creation of this program is ongoing. At this time there are already 16+ weeks of writing prompts waiting for you to engage with. Each week for many months, more prompts will be provided to support your creativity and writing practice.  Plus, your feedback and participation will help shape the future of what this program is capable of.

I Want In!

Sacred Words Devotional Writing

Pay In Full (Beta Pricing)

$444 usd

*Save $52,

Sacred Words Devotional Writing

Payment Plan (Beta Pricing)

4 payments of $124

*Billed monthly
Due to the nature of this program being offered in a digital format, there are no refunds.
Have additional questions? Send a message to  We would love to help!