Allowing Simplicity to Reign

This isn’t the first snowfall of the season, but it feels different this time around. I welcome it. All of the times before now, I still had a push inside that yelled out “Not Yet! I still have so much to do.”

In essence not really anything has changed from then til now, I still have just as much to do, and only so many hours to get it done. Except, the rushing has subsided, the fire has quelled and there is now a softening in my body and mind that welcomes the intentional slowing of rhythm and the falling away what was only noise.

Simplicity Reigns.

The Metal Element adores simplicity. Its to the point, its clean lines if at all possible and free of clutter. This is not done out of vanity instead, necessity. With less stuff in the peripheral one can welcome crossing the threshold into the chaos of our inner landscape.

To heal, to look at the old stories that no longer need to be retold and journey to our depths to fully close the patterns and cycles that are asking to be brought to completion so that we may be ready for whats to come.

To cry a thousand tears and allow them to cleanse our soul of the debris of what no longer needs to be brought with us to our next destination.

To grieve and surrender expectations of outcomes that only shackle us to threads of past selves that have no business telling us where we are to roam.

This is the beauty and medicine of Metal. Inviting each of us to remain open to the possibility of making something out of nothing, while being present every step of the way.

As more and more parts of who I thought I was fall away, I haven’t a clue where I am going. However, for some reason tonight as the snow falls and the world feels a little more still, I relax into everything that I don’t know and welcome whatever is on the other side of my undoing.






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