no.007 For When Things Feel Uncertain – Ashley Abbs


My Beloved,

You’re frustrated, confused, even Angry and I hear you.

You want to know WHY?

Why is this happening, this way?

Its not clear and it feels like you’re fumbling around in the dark.

I can’t tell you why.

Not yet anyways…

Somethings are meant to be unseen until they’re not.

This moment right now isn’t one where you get to see the path.

Until it is, Move.

Move the Qi, how its asking to be moved.

Yell, Scream, Cry

Run like your life depends on it.

Trust that you’re being initiated.

This time right now is helping you prepare for whats coming.

When you don’t think you can move any longer,

Soften, so that you may Dream and Listen to the inner voice that knows.

The sun will eventually rise and you will then see the horizon.

You will know which way to go and how you’re to get there.

You will find you’re way thru.

When that happens, trust me when I say this…

You will bless these uncertain times as being a significant catalyst to your greatest life yet.






Ps. If you want to go deeper into the 5 Elements Click here

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