Harnessing the Elements for Manifestation

There really isn’t anything the the 5 Elements can’t help you with when you’re wanting to design a life that you love.

Its a brilliant medicine, philosophy, personality and relationship decoder, they also offer seasonal guidance and are available to you by simply walking your feet out the door. The 5 elements offer opportunities to gain perspective, self-awareness and an abundance of moments to initiate the surrender to the flow of the Tao (Universe).

In doing so, you are able to tap into its energetics to help support you in manifesting your dreams and desires into reality. Each element has a unique property and offering to help guide you through the process and filling in the necessary pieces of the puzzle to align you with your truest authentic expression.

Traditionally speaking with regard to the 5 Elements we usually always start with Water, it is the beginning of all things and Metal is considered the end of a full cycle, however when we’re talking about desires and matters of the heart, I prefer to back things up and start with Fire.

The Fire Element is where inspiration, ideas and the frenetic influx of possibility is made available to you. Naturally in the idea phase much of them will burn off on their own after spending more than a minute with a particular want you may realize that is all that it was. Other ideas and desires may require a little extra discernment. Through the lens of your unique 5 element alchemy and core requirements you can illuminate what you truly want to put your energy behind.

The Earth Element sings the desires of the heart and commits them into being by bringing them out of the head and the idea phase into the body. It does this by creating a clean slate to gather information and acknowledge what sort of efforts are going to be required to move ahead. Acting as the pivot for greater embodiment Earth will help to guide your awareness to the present so that you may acknowledge where your desire is already manifested or possible right now.

They may not be the big version that your heart is set on in a future timeline, however often some aspects that offer up the same feeling and intention are usually hiding in plain site disguised as the familiar. Once you recognize them, utilize and appreciate them as your first steps on your path to your greater dream.

The Metal Element offers you the opportunity to clear some space. To examine and let go of beliefs, identities and habits that no longer serve you. To hold on to them, merely inhibits you being able to up-level and reach your desires in their fullest form. This of course is not easy and can’t be rushed. To help you do this, metal also provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the evidence of your worthiness, though practices of gratitude, recognizing your gifts and identifying your purpose to help guide you even when things feel a little dark and murky.

All of these actions deliver you to the Water Element to reflect and dream tapping into the this powerful energetic to drop into the bigger picture and conceptualize the essence of your desire to be revealed in its most authentic expression fully aligned with your soul and your alchemy. Invited to go with the flow you are initiated to loosen your reign on the plan or affirmation of your desire in what you think is should be so that it can become what its meant to be.

This bigger picture may include parts of your path that you don’t yet know how to execute. This is okay, they will b come certain in their own divine timing, and as you trust the Tao, Universe, or Divine in your own words, steady steps will arise to assist you in your ability to make it all come true.

Ascending with the Wood Element, empowered action leads you to plan, execute and go for it. You need not worry, the Wood element will provide you the steady endurance to keep your vision alive.

Opportunities for delegating and assigning tasks to employ others to assist you where you need the added support will arise. As will the need to assert soulful strategy and necessary course corrections to ensure that the integrity of your desire continues be in alignment with your soul.

Arriving full circle back to Fire to celebrate your accomplishments and the your desire coming to fruition in whatever form that it was meant to materialize in this cycle. This is a good time to identify what worked and reconnect to the initial desire to see if its still has legs to keep going, perhaps bigger with greater impact readying itself for the next cycling of elements. Or if its reached its natural end and its time to choose to go back in with something new.

These energetics and their medicine to support your desires occur in multiple timelines, first is to recognize where you find yourself in your life presently with regard to your current desires. Are you sowing seeds and sing desires, stripping away what is no longer serving you, dipping your toes into the waves of possibility uncertain of what is to come next or are you in the thick of it putting one foot in front of the other walking your dream to a realized potential? Once you know where you are, you can being to harness the energies available to you to move forward. You can also call on the elements seasonal guidance and your individual alchemy to support you along your way.

Something to remember; your desires have been placed in your heart for a reason. Whether it is they themselves that are what are manifested as a result of you listening or merely the catalyst that bring about opportunities that you would never have been able to perceive occurring when you first started. Whats important is that you begin.

I’m rooting for you.





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