Leaping or Consolidating. Can you do both?

Its a brand new year, the light will be slowly returning and the heart is ready to leap beyond what it knows.

But maybe there’s also this string that you feel tugging you backwards, urging you to go slow.

What do you do? Which direction do you trust?

Is there a way where you can do both?

The Water Element is guiding us through these next few months and with it, a paradox of needing to feel both safe and free. A space where you might feel torn between the stillness and the flow of the rapids. It can be confusing and unsteady, creating more questions than answers but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Water is both yin and yang, it can occupy two energetics that are very different from another that can also shift very quickly. This is possible for you too however to navigate this without being totally overwhelmed, is to remember its Core Requirements. (need a in-depth refresher check out this out)

Water and the Water Element within you, requires that you feel safe, secure, are able to mediate your risks, to be authentic and lastly to feel free.

If you want to fly and leap, water invites you to first consolidate your resources and define what your requirements of safety and security are.

Only you can know and embody what those mean to you. When you know what those qualities or things are then you’re ready to negotiate, mediate your risks and leap with the full authentic expression that you are to be fully free.

If those qualities aren’t yet fully consolidated, this is your steady step and inspired action. Accessing or acquiring what your Inner Water requires is whats being asked of you first. If you leap without it, your efforts may be sabotaged by your own doubt and fear.
Its impossible to be both in a state of fear and growth at the same time.

Your fear that your safety and security will be undermined will always be guiding your decisions or putting up blocks so you can’t properly see your path.

You can have it all, it sometimes is just one step and one foot before the other. Before you know it, you will be running so fast towards your destiny.

I invite you in the void that is these last few days of holiday timelessness to evaluate your next leap forward.

What do you want to do, be or bring into the world this year?

What does it require of you?

What do you need to feel safe and secure so that you may trust your judgement and your path, even when it feels uncertain?

Is that accessible to you in some way right now?

If not, what are the steps that will help you make it so?

Map it out, identify your first step and begin.




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