Long Days, Short Years. Where do you want to be in one years time?

Long days, Short Years

I first heard this saying when I had E, being a new mom, super overwhelmed by emotion and expectations and this questioning if I would ever get through another day, if it happened like one I had earlier.

the platitudes of enjoy every moment we’re lost on me, but with each new development and stage and then birthdays I began to appreciate what everyone was telling me. Sometimes the day’s feel like they happen in super slow motion and then before you know it we’re celebrating another year and I can barely remember some of the things that we went through or how tiny he used to be.

As I look at E now, and notice that I think he grew an inch in a week, I am reminded that its not just in parenting that we experience this phenomena, it happens in EVERYTHING.

Including my practice…. my first baby.

There are highs and lows, times when things accelerated with both success and my own growth and times when I was completely unaware that I barely moved an inch in some time.

The days felt way longer, when I was seeing more patients than I could really hold space for, when I was burnt out from managing practitioners that didn’t share my same values, when I was too stubborn to take a day off when I really needed one, maybe 10.

Having found better alignment with the way that I like to work with clients, dropping the comparison and finding grace within my day and trusting my own knowing has made the days flow at a rate that I find comfortable and seamless.

But the years they go by quick.

And its easy to get complacent and not allow oneself to investigate what else is possible for you to achieve or experience within your practice. A lot can happen in one years time, but its just as possible that you can be exactly where you are right now.

so which is it?

Do you want to write a book, lead a retreat, create and promote a online course, develop your own supplement or oil brand. Taking a sabbatical?

There are endless possibilities for you to create your own aligned life and practice, its just a matter of getting really clear on what you want and the steady steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

So What do you want?

What do you dream about?

Don’t know what you want? I’ve been there.

Or maybe you know, but you need some accountability and a container of support so that you actually do it. As a solo-preneur it’s easy to get stuck just from the isolation that occurs from being in business for yourself. Trust me, I know I’ve been here too.

Which is why I want to invite you into the Embodied Alchemy Mentorship. Reignite your hearts desire, align it with your alchemy and identify the soulful strategy that will help you manifest it into reality.

Its time to align your medicine and offerings with your soul.

Its time for you to step out and be a leader in your field of expertise.

This can be your year.

What do you want to do with it?

If you feel called to join us, Early Registration remains open until this Friday. Register before Jun 29th and receive an additional 1:1 mentoring session with me.

I can’t wait to welcome you.

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