Three elements and their questions to guide you thru

Hi Love,

I’m going to be honest, I’ve written three different pieces for today, and still none of them seem right. I think in part because I was hoping to help make sense of all of this.

When the truth is I just can’t.

I have yet to have found a meaning even a loose one that satisfies me enough to write about it.

What I can say, is that the place where we find ourselves has several elemental energetics at play all at the same time, which in its self is nothing new. This is occurring in our own personal circumstance always, but due to our collective experiencing of something together the intensity is magnified.

The Metal Element is at play in that the virus itself is attacking the lungs and respiratory pathways of those that have been afflicted. As a result of everyone being at home, many unable to work, markets going haywire our resources, titles, and possibly our identities are collapsing and being redefined. Causing each of us in some way small or large to surrender our control to what was, and what will be, so that we may navigate our path into the Water Element and what is.

Writing Prompt:

What are you being initiated to let go of?

The Water element, has no timeline, it never has, which is why so many try not to spend too much time here if they can help it. Its in this space that we must settle into our thoughts, our beliefs and values so that we can come into integrity with soul and it authentic expression. Anything that is not pure must be rinsed away so that you may begin a new and propel the evolution of your true self.

In my private client work with individuals that find themselves navigating this space find their answers by taking a deep dive into their 5 Element Alchemy and the fulfillment of their core requirements.

For the time that we have today, I invite you to spend time getting acquainted with your strengths, as they hold the key to your greatest gift and offerings that will make this world a better place.

Writing Prompt:

What are your inherent strengths?

How can you harness these gifts to help you during this time?

And lastly, we must also engage the medicine of the Wood element, for those of us in the northern hemisphere you can look to the signs of spring beginning to pop up from out our window. But even if you find yourself experiencing the opposite season of Fall in the South, the Wood Element can help to lift you up and out to shine the light on your authentic expression to connect to possibility and your ingenuity to walk towards your next steady step by allowing your truth to be seen and shared with the outside world.

This is a time of great reflection. We will ebb and flow between these three energetics at a rapid pace for some time. Which is why its so important that we allow Wood and its ability to connect us to our vision to provide glimpses of hope and moments of clarity that project us towards where we’re going next.

The time spent here for some individuals may offer up the choice to change directions in professions, relationships or geography. Or the choices may be more subtle, on the outside everything looks as it always has but the way you move thru it, what you prioritize and how you spend your time may be renegotiated and adjusted to reflect what is most important. The impact of the small shift vs. the big is no less profound.

Writing prompt:

When you imagine a future timeline of yourself in one or two years from now, how are you emanating your truth in the world?

Whats one steady step that you can take to begin the shift towards your truth?

Ps. I’m asking myself these same questions and allowing the answers to roll in as they are meant to be revealed. Visit these and any other questions that they lead you to as often as you need.

Because at the end of this, when we all get to hug each other and cry and celebrate together.

The more of us showing up and walking towards being the person that we were destined to be is going to be what the world needs more of.





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